Landings Vandalism Graffiti

This graffiti message "KKK Fuc" was found spray painted on the wall bordering The Landings off of East Vine Street in Inverness.

A few recent acts of vandalism caught the eyes of authorities and some Inverness residents.

Kari Tedrick was driving home early Saturday afternoon on East Vine Street when she spotted the black, spray-painted phrase “KKK Fuc” on the side of a beige wall bordering The Landings neighborhood.

Urban Dictionary defines the slang word “fuc” as an acronym for “Fragile Ultra Conservative,” describing the hypocrisy of someone who “is extreme-right in politics and acutely agitated by basic decency or greatly inconvenienced by human empathy; usually in conversation.”

Believing the graffiti had racist undertones, Tedrick wanted it gone.

“I can’t give you any specific thoughts but it shook me, it just shook me,” the Inverness woman said. “My first coherent thought was, ‘I want that to go away;’ it was really a concern of mine.”

Tedrick posted what she found to Ring’s “Neighbors” app, where another good Samaritan responded to volunteer his time to help Tedrick paint over the graffiti.

Tedrick said she couldn’t get ahold of the The Landings management to ask if it was OK to paint over the graffiti later that day.

She did notify the sheriff’s office through its non-emergency line, and was told to photograph the vandalism to show questioning passersby or deputies what she was erasing.

“The paint doesn’t match but we just covered it,” she said. “An ugly white splotch is better than angry white supremacy any day.”

The Landings Vandalism Graffiti Covered

Good Samaritans painted over graffiti along this wall that borders The Landings neighborhood in Inverness.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies are also looking into The Landings graffiti and two other connected acts of vandalism reported Friday, Nov. 22.

A resident from the Windermere community off of East Turner Camp Road found matching graffiti on an entrance sign to their subdivision, according to a sheriff’s office case report.

Deputies also discovered similar paint and letterings on a roadway sign at the boat launch at the end of North Apopka Avenue, the report shows. 

Tedrick said she saw someone had crossed out “end” from the “Dead End’ sign at the intersection with Vine Street, and replaced it with “ass.”

Those with information about the graffiti can call the sheriff’s office’s non-emergency number, 352-726-1121.

Tipsters can also remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward by contacting Citrus County Crime Stoppers, at 888-269-8477 or

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