Christopher Carlos Blas MUG

Christopher Carlos Blas

A second Dunnellon man was charged Sunday for his alleged involvement with two others in beating and robbing another man in November.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies charged Christopher Carlos Blas with aggravated battery, auto theft, armed robbery and grand theft when the 39-year-old was already jailed on an unrelated case, Blas’ arrest report shows.

Man charged in battery, robbery that hospitalized man with broken ribs, backbone

Blas was booked under a $29,000 bond, but at Blas' first court appearance on Tuesday, a judge denied him bond because Blas failed to show to other court hearings and considered him a danger to society, court filings show.

According to arrest reports, Blas' codefendant, 28-year-old Anthony Knowles, drove a vehicle in front of a man on the night of Nov. 21 as the man was driving in Citrus Springs, blocking him.

Anthony James Knowles MUG

Anthony James Knowles

When the man was parked, Blas and an unnamed suspect struck him with a stick and industrial broom. Knowles also chased down the man when he tried to run away.

Knowles, Blas and their other accomplice then struck the man numerous times with their hands and feet when he was on the ground until the man became unconscious, arrest reports show.

The man regained consciousness hours later the next day, and he was later hospitalized for several broken ribs and vertebrae, a cut to his spleen and internal bleeding to his liver.

It’s alleged Blas stole the man’s truck, cellphone and wallet containing $90. Deputies found the truck abandoned in nearby woods with its after-market stereo stolen.

In an interview with sheriff’s detectives, Blas said he didn’t know about the incident, according to his arrest report.

Knowles, who was charged Nov. 25 with aggravated battery, told investigators he was at the altercation, but denied being involved, his arrest report shows.

Blas and Knowles, who is also being jailed without a bond, are scheduled to be arraigned on their respective charges Dec. 16.

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