Justice Michael Gurrola November 2019 MUG

Justice Michael Gurrola, charged Nov. 22 in domestic battery.

Justice Gurrola, the young Sumter County man out on bond and awaiting trial for the alleged attempted murder of an 18-year-old in a drive-by shooting, picked up more charges accusing him of strangling a woman and holding her hostage during a domestic dispute.

Gurrola agreed Nov. 22 to turn himself in at the county jail, after a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputy called the 20-year-old to say there was a warrant charging him with false imprisonment, battery by strangulation and preventing someone from calling 911.

According to his arrest report, obtained Tuesday, Gurrola and a woman, who told sheriff’s investigators she was seven months pregnant, began arguing the evening of Nov. 21 inside an Inverness home, and Gurrola threw the woman onto a bathroom floor.

It’s alleged Gurrola clutched the woman’s throat and picked her up from the ground, choking her. He then forced her into a shower and turned on the cold water, his arrest report shows.

Gurrola also brought in a tower fan and turned it on to blow on the woman while she was in the shower.

After what the woman told sheriff’s detectives felt like several hours being locked in the bathroom, Gurrola left her out, and would strike her numerous times if she tried to leave, injuring the woman’s lip, Gurrola’s arrest report shows.

The next morning, the woman was able to escape to a relative’s home nearby. While there, the woman watched Gurrola drive away, taking her car keys, wallet and drivers license.

Per his arrest warrant, Gurrola was jailed without bond.

Young man pleads not guilty in drive-by shooting that injured 18-year-old

Gurrola is still scheduled to stand trial the week of Jan. 21 on an attempted first-degree murder charge in connection to the Sept. 9 drive-by shooting that injured Tyler Miller, court records show.

If a jury convicts him as charged, Gurrola could be sentenced to between 25 years and life in prison.

In that case, it’s alleged Gurrola revved his vehicle’s engine outside Miller’s home and was seen taking pictures of the house with a cellphone, according to reports.

Miller grabbed a bottle and threw it at the vehicle as it drove away, striking it.

Gurrola made a U-turn and allegedly fired several gunshots at Miller as he walked up the driveway, striking Miller in his leg before driving away.

Deputies later apprehended Gurrola and seized a .380 pistol, which matched the caliber as the shell casings recovered at the shooting scene.

Shooting suspect arrested for attempted second-degree murder

Gurrola at first denied his involvement, reports show, but later said he went to Miller’s house to find out where his girlfriend went, and admitted to firing two pistol rounds near Miller.

Gurrola is also the grandson to Senior Florida Fifth Circuit Judge Barbara Gurrola, who presided in Citrus County before retiring, reports show.

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