Faustino Alfredo Valladares

Faustino Alfredo Valladares

Deputies arrested a man Saturday who they say kept a person from leaving his home and refused them access to their cellphone. 

The victim told deputies Faustino Alfredo Valladares, 62, he had been watching over them for two days so they wouldn’t leave the residence. During that time, the victim said Valladares took their cell phone to prevent them from calling the police a later battered them. The victim eventually retrieved their phone back while Valladares was sleeping.

According to the report, Valladares on Saturday continued watching the victim so they would not leave. They got into a verbal argument at which time Valladares grabbed the victim’s left bicep and squeezed, causing bruising and swelling. Valladares then threw an unopened soda can at the victim, hitting them in the right shin, causing bruising and redness. The deputy noted a lump was starting to form.

According to the report, Valladares told deputies he didn’t know anything about the bruises on the victim’s arm and denied any allegations about the injuries to the person. However, deputies had not directly questioned Valladares about any of the injuries.

Valladares would not answer questions about why he took the person’s cell phone, nor the injuries to them, according to the report.

Valladares was transported to the Citrus County Jail. No bond was set for the charge of felony battery (with one prior conviction). A $500 bond was set for the charge of hindering communication to law enforcement.

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