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Since last week, the phone at We Care in Homosassa hasn’t stopped ringing.

“We were already serving 2,600 people a month (with food) … and between Thursday and Friday last week we added 15 more people and now we’re looking at all the people who are suddenly unemployed needing food,” said We Care executive director Laura Byrne Tuesday morning.

Over the weekend, We Care had put out a call for volunteers to help with 13 FEMA trucks that were expected to deliver MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and water on Monday.

However, the trucks have been rerouted to deliver vital medical supplies to hospitals, Byrne said, adding that the latest memo she received said We Care will get “two truckloads and two truckloads within 72 hours.”

“I know that sounds cryptic, but that’s what I know,” she said. “Those truckloads mean we can take more people on. The MREs aren’t what people are hoping to get, but it’s what we have.”

She said the lack of food from the grocery stores is severely hampering the way food pantries operate.

“We typically have bakery and produce and frozen meat, but the stores are selling out … and that’s how it’s going to be for a while,” she said. “Right now, we’ve been blessed with milk, and we’re getting more of that, and now we’re being blessed with water and MREs.

“The upside is, we’ve been overwhelmed with people calling wanting to help us — in the warehouse and delivering food to the elderly. The response has been beautiful,” she said. “Citrus County proves all the time that it is a family and everybody really cares about everybody else in times like this.”

Those who want to sign up for the We Care food program can call 352-503-2079 and leave a message. They only have two people who are working from home answering the phone, so please be patient. Do not come to the We Care office.

Also, check their Facebook page or Website for more information.

Contact Chronicle reporter Nancy Kennedy at 352-564-2927 or nkennedy@chronicleonline.com.