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Ken Hinkle wears many hats, from his floppy sun hat to his custom-made, white felt Smithbilt “Dukes of Hazzard”/Boss Hogg cowboy hat that he wore in the early days of the Inverness Cooterfest.

He’s a city councilman, an ultrasound technician, and as a Christian and a chaplain with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, he’s a man of hope and prayer.

Each night from 5 to 6 p.m. (except Fridays when he has another commitment), Hinkle will be offering hope and prayer from the parking lot at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 1100 W Highland Blvd, Inverness, to those who need it.

“At this time, people are afraid and they need hope,” Hinkle said. “So, I’m going to be sitting in my lawn chair in the church parking lot every night except Fridays for an hour praying. I’m inviting anyone who needs prayer or just needs to talk to come by — and they can even stay in their car.”

On Sunday, he put up signs in front of the church: “Need hope?” and “Drive in for prayer and counseling 5 to 6.”

“Last night was my first evening for drive-in prayer and counseling at Cornerstone, but no drive throughs,” he said Monday.

However, the church’s youth minister Nate Varnadore, children’s leader Vicki Reed and the church “tech guy” Zac Drummond showed up and prayed with him for the community and the local churches.

“Zac taught us how to use Zoom (video conferencing) for online gatherings,” Hinkle said.

“A group of us started a prayer ministry at church a few months ago,” Hinkle said. “We’ve always had one — people can fill out orange prayer cards at church. But we wanted to ramp it up and made the cards bigger and ‘oranger.’”

The church is also offering a prayer request form on its website www.atthecorner.church. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click the prayer request button.

“We just want people to know that we care about them and there are people who will pray for them,” Hinkle said.

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Thank you Ken Hinkle. What a blessing.


CitrusCo Citizen, it is news, because it involves the community. While you may not appreciate the prayers and faith of others, there are many in our community that do. I thank God every day for the freedoms that we have in our community, our state and our nation to worship Him, in freedom. You also have the freedom not to read articles that you may not agree with. God bless you.

CitrusCo Citizen

Bless your heart and please read the Religion Section of the Chronicle. It is packed with Religious News, in case you need that. Local news is not religious or political but NEWS that is current information about local for profit businesses, education, law enforcement, weather issues, the environment, health and medical information, emergencies, agriculture, missing person alerts, traffic accidents and alerts, law-making and policies, hurricanes, and just about everything the affects ALL that our community needs to know. Our Chronicle usually does an excellent job with that keeping us informed and I am glad that I will continue as a loyal Chronicle subscriber. Religion belongs in the RELIGION section . Again, bless your heart!

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