Editor’s note: Every one of us has had our life interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, some more than others.

We asked people to tell us about how their lives have been interrupted, in ways large or small, and how they’ve handled their situations, how it has changed them.

As we continue the series, “Life Interrupted,” we’re still looking for stories.

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Every Halloween, Avante at Inverness assisted living facility has a tradition: The students from Inverness Primary School across the street from Avante come in their costumes and sing for the residents — and then “trick or treat” for candy.

“Our families come, and we have a party — and the kids from the school are so adorable. We just love them,” said June Jenkins, vice president of the residents’ council, adding, “Lately morale has been getting down.” 

Georgette Bass, Avante activities director, had an idea: “If we can’t have our traditional Halloween, we’ll just do something different this year.”

Back in April, when the quarantine was only a few weeks old, Bass organized a parade for the residents, with people from the community and residents’ family members driving by the facility in their cars as residents in wheelchairs lined up on the sidewalk waved and cheered.

That parade lasted only 10 minutes, but “those 10 minutes meant the world to us,” Bass said.

So, on Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, Avante residents once again lined the sidewalk in their wheelchairs for a little holiday cheering — and cheering up.

“They were so sad because we weren’t able to have the school kids come over, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate,” Bass said.

The parade was short, but sweet and a real treat for everyone involved.

It brought back memories for resident Roy Pennington, especially his favorite Halloween candy.

“I like Milky Ways,” he said. “This has been so hard on all of us, not being able to see our families and our grandkids,” 

Jenkins said. “Things like this help a lot.”

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