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Citrus County’s confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 14 on Saturday afternoon, according to the latest update from the Florida Department of Health.

Some Citrus County data from the DOH:

  • As of Saturday morning, ­159 Citrus residents tested negative.
  • There have been 54 deaths in the state, including an 80-year-old male, county resident who died in the hospital Wednesday, said Audrey Stasko, spokeswoman for the Department of Health in Citrus County.
  • Ages of the confirmed cases in Citrus County range from 17 to 87. Eight women and six men tested positive.
  • Three are hospitalized.
  • Statewide, as of noon Saturday, there were 3,763 confirmed cases with 3,608 being Florida residents. More than 40,000 people had been tested and 35,366 were negative.