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Dairy farmer Dale McClellan was forced to dump 6,000 gallons of milk Thursday because it was sitting in his tanker unused.

Even though the raw milk was still good, the demand is not there and he had to get rid of the oversupply.

It’s yet another byproduct of the hit to the economy caused by the coronavirus. And it's a big hit: almost $14,000 worth for McClellan.

“It's a mess financially for us,” said McClellan, president and CEO of M&B Products in Lecanto.

It’s the same way in dairy farms nationwide. Demand is down since the panic buying has decreased and schools — the primary buyer of M&B milk — are closed.

McClellan was careful how he dumped the milk on his property — too much and it would be harmful to the waste stream at his farm. There is the possibility, he said, of dumping more unused milk in the future.

McClellan employs about 150 employees at his dairy farm.

“We’re doing all we can to sustain ourselves,” he said. “We’re not going to lay off anybody.”

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