Citrus County Transit terminal

The Citrus County Transit terminal is on County Road 491 in Lecanto.

Citrus County’s transit director has resigned over concerns of being exposed to COVID-19 in the office.

Lon Frye, who started with the county in 2003 and has been transit director since September 2013, cited the pandemic in his resignation letter to Community Services Director Mariselle Rodriguez.

“I am submitting this in relation to the pandemic and possible effects on myself and my wife,” Frye wrote. “There is nothing in this job that justifies exposing my wife this close to retirement.”

Fyre’s letter, dated Jan. 14, says employees he supervises have either contracted the virus or been exposed to it.

He asked the resignation be effective March 1, but is essentially immediate because Frye is using vacation time until then.

Reached by phone, Frye declined to comment.

County Administrator Randy Oliver said anyone with a positive COVID-19 test is sent home and can’t return to work until he or she receives a negative test.

The challenge in transit, he said, is mixing county employees with the public in a confined space — a bus.

“They’re in a closed environment,” Oliver said. “We’re taking all the reasonable precautions we can take. The alternative would be to shut the bus system down, which would be detrimental to the people who need it the most. We’re trying to balance the safety of our employees versus needs of the citizens.”

The county posted the transit director’s job Thursday. The pay range is $60,292 to $88,427.

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