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Citrus County Fair day three

Lecanto High School FFA member Cheyenne Pate waves to friends while resting with her one-year-old Angus X named Hei Hei in 2018. Fair officials will discuss with the Florida Department of Agriculture on Monday whether to cancel the fair, which is scheduled to start March 23.

Citrus County is expected to declare a local emergency after the state health department reported its first coronavirus case in Citrus, officials said Sunday.

The Florida Department of Health said a 60-year-old Citrus woman tested positive for the virus.

This individual is isolated and will continue to remain isolated until cleared by public health officials,” the DOH news release said.

david decarlo mug

Capt. David DeCarlo

The state provided no new information, even as residents responding on social media clamored for details, particularly the woman’s whereabouts prior to testing positive for the virus.

State health officials were investigating to determine where the woman may have been infected, said sheriff’s Capt. David DeCarlo, director of Citrus County Emergency Management.

Other coronavirus-related developments include:

-- The emergency management policy group, which includes representatives from the county, cities, school district, fire and sheriff’s office, meets Monday morning. DeCarlo said the county will issue a local state of emergency, which could result in the county cancelling public events or gatherings.

-- Citrus County Fair officials will have a conference call Monday evening with the Florida Department of Agriculture to determine whether to close the county fair, which is scheduled to start March 23, fair manager Hal Porter said.

Thomas Kennedy

Thomas Kennedy, school board member.

-- All Florida schools are closed this week and next, though parents should be prepared for the closure to continue beyond that. School board member Thomas Kennedy said administrators are preparing plans to provide off-campus instruction to students after this two-week closure ends.

“We need to be looking beyond two weeks,” Kennedy said.

The Department of Health added 39 Florida cases, including the Citrus woman, in an email release it sent out at 1:30 a.m. Sunday. As of Sunday afternoon, 106 Florida residents tested positive for the virus, according to the DOH.

Citrus County Commission Chairman Brian Coleman said he believes more will be done to discourage public gatherings, including the potential of keeping the public from attending county commission meetings.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” he said Sunday. “At some point of time, it’s going to get to that point. That’s a very good possibility.”

DeCarlo said he doesn’t expect the county to completely bar public gatherings.

“There has to be some common sense,” he said. “Depends on what the gathering is. Depends on who’s attending.”

He added; ‘We’ve never gone through this. We’re making prudent decisions based on the information we have.”

Kennedy agreed.

“We’re all looking for direction,” he said. “Right now all of us have more questions than answers.”

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I'm wondering why there's not much news about therapeutic drugs. A man in Washington was treated with remdesivir one week after he was hospitalized and his condition started to improve the next day. There are other drugs that are showing promising results as well.


The trump lacke's in local government are talking the same low ball approach as the clown in the oval office. I get most of my informantion from the Miami Herald, Tampa bay times, or Orlando sentinel. This blaze attitude will cost many lives.


I don't think it is fake news. But I do think the chronicle could offer more sensible news during this time. As far as the BOCC considering limiting access, that is not a bad idea, but given the current make up of the board there are trust issues. Given some of the past actions this board, I strongly suggest they open they allow online access to the live meetings (simple to do) . Perhaps what it more troubling is the lack of any official statements from the BOCC.. Leadership is lacking.

Truth Crusader

Anyone can watch the BOCC live on Spectrum channel 643.

Frank Aumack

Wait, what, keeping the CC meetings from the public? No vote for you.


Well, well... Thanks to fake news and the Chronicle, our local stores have empty shelves. It must suck to create fear to sell a cheap newspaper. Lookinfg forward to approaching Mulligan in town.....

CitrusCo Citizen

John, tell the 136 Floridians who have tested positive for COVID-19 and the 4 who have died as of Sunday, that this is all fake news. They and their families would be glad to hear it, if they could. I'd tell you to check www.floridahealth.gov (coronavirus responses) to read the sad updates every day, but then again you never learned the difference between fact and fiction in 1st grade. Oh well, we can't fix stupid. P.S. Thank you Chronicle for continuing to keep us informed on this deadly pandemic in FL and especially in Citrus County, We appreciate it!


Thank you for the reality moment.

One Dutchess

If the Chronicle is "fake news" why are you reading it?

CitrusCo Citizen

That's what I was thinking! Doesn't Johnboy have to have a digital subscription in order to post anything in the Chronicle? Maybe he can't afford it and is using his neighbor's? Not!


When I read the likes of JOHNTROY .... it is clear evidence that the Trumpetti virus knows no geographic boundaries!

CitrusCo Citizen

Ha! Thanks for my daily laugh!


Judging by the constant presence of those offensive caps, t-shirts and bumper stickers, that is exactly the case.

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