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Citrus County saw its first death Wednesday due to the coronavirus.

The death was reported Wednesday evening by the Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 website.

The number of cases for Citrus County remains at nine and with an age range of 17 years to 80 years. The website reports that two people infected by the virus were hospitalized.

The person who died was an 80-year-old male, county resident and he died in the hospital, said Audrey Stasko, spokeswoman for the Department of Health in Citrus County.

"We are expressing our condolences to the person's family and will continue to work with the Florida Department of Health and our community partners to prevent the spread of COVID-19," she wrote the Chronicle.

The DOH website reporting the county's nine cases includes the deceased, Stasko said.

Other sources have reported to the Chronicle that both hospitalizations were in Citrus Memorial Hospital. 

Meanwhile, the website reported there were a total of 1,977 total cases in Florida with most being Florida residents, according to the website’s 6:05 p.m. update. The Citrus County death now increases the total number of Florida dead due to the virus to 23.

The website did not give any more specifics about the deceased.  

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Isn't it true that person died several days before it was reported and it was kept a secret?


Fred, the map that you show in your article is very informative.

Did you create it yourself with Datawrapper?

How can we get a daily update of that map?


Here is a local Citrus County COVID-19 HotSpot Plot that my husband has created and is maintaining daily:


MORE info about the plot is here: www.vlazair.com


Curious. Without an autopsy, how can they be sure it was the virus? He could have succumbed to another health issue. I guess it's just about running up the numbers. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay HOME.

CitrusCo Citizen

Crazor, I will dumb down this down for you. There's a special test. It is called a test for coronavirus. It is given several times. If it reads "positive" it means that you have the coronavirus in your body. If you have a high temperature, a dry, hacking cough, red eyes, and have lost your sense of taste and smell, you need to be tested. If you are also struggling to breathe, you need to be hospitalized. You will be tested then if you weren't tested before. If you can't breathe on your own you will be put on a ventilator. If that doesn't work, your organs will begin to fail and you will eventually die. The positive COVID tests, the classic symptoms, Xrays of the lungs, and other tests will lead medical professionals to conclude that you died from COOVID-19. It is very important that there be an exact records of how many have been tested, how many are positives, how many are quarantined and being monitored until they get their test results, how many are hospitalized and how many recovered and how many died. Nobody is "running up the numbers", Crazor. This is not a good time for your crazy conspiracy theories. Facts matter.


👍🏻👍🏻 CitrusCo Citizen




thank you.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] CitrusCo Citizen, that is a great summary!

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