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Citrus County commissioners on Thursday sought to reassure the public that they’re on top of the coronavirus emergency and there is no reason now to consider a stay-at-home order.

Commissioners, meeting in a nearly empty courthouse chambers with every other row of seats roped off to ensure social distancing, said their best advice is to follow direction from experts.

“This is not a time for local leaders to hide,” Commissioner Ron Kitchen Jr. said. “I ask people to stay calm, stay cool.”

The board met for the first time since declaring a local state of emergency March 9. The public was urged to stay away, watch on TV or the online, and participate during public comment via email or calling in by phone. A few people did.



Commissioners met even as Citrus recorded its first coronavirus-related death, an 80-year-old man who died Wednesday. Citrus has 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including the deceased man, according to the Florida Department of Health.

Commissioner Jeff Kinnard said the county should continue to urge caution.

“Given time, those numbers are going to go up everywhere,” he said.

Citrus County Health Director Ernesto “Tito” Rubio said one key is ensuring proper information is provided to the public.

“We have confusion in our communities and we have fear in our communities,” he told commissioners.

Rubio said the other is social distancing — 6 feet apart at least. That will slow the rate of spreading the virus.

“What we need to do is break this chain,” he said. “The way to break this chain is to distance ourselves.”

Coincidentally, commissioners sat in their usual seats on the dais, not following the 6-foot separation recommendation. County Administrator Randy Oliver was in his usual spot at a desk alongside the board and County Attorney Denise Dymond Lyn, who normally sits next to Oliver, took a position in the back of the room.

Board Chairman Brian Coleman said after the meeting that there was plenty of hand sanitizer available to commissioners.

“We tried to separate best we could,” he said.

Coleman raised the issue of a stay-at-home order. He said he didn’t think it was necessary now, but wanted to gauge opinions from commissioners about what circumstances they would support such an order.

Commissioner Scott Carnahan said he opposed a stay-at-home order, and Kitchen said the order would be unenforceable.

“Are we going to arrest people ... for leaving their homes?” Kitchen asked. “If you want to stay at home, stay at home.”

Rubio agreed, but said states and counties that have issued shelter-at-home orders did so after the public continued to congregate in groups larger than 10 even after other restrictions were in place.

“The enforcement is impossible,” he said. “We have to rely on our citizens to do the right thing.”

Kinnard, a chiropractor who closed his office due to the COVID-19 outbreak, said issuing a stay-at-home order would be a “huge step” for the board.

“I don’t like the stay-at-home order,” he said. “Hopefully enough people will do the right thing and we don’t have to consider that.”

Kitchen compared the coronavirus emergency to a hurricane, where the public is warned beforehand and then can take measures to protect itself.

Sheriff’s Capt. David DeCarlo, director of the Citrus County Emergency Operations Center, said the comparison doesn’t work.

“This is not at all like a hurricane,” he said. “We don’t know how long this will last.”

Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith said he was disappointed to see the governor close all parks, particularly the Withlacoochee State Trail. He suggested the county ask DeSantis to make an exception for trails.

Smith said outside activity is healthy, especially in the coronavirus environment.

“Not necessarily outside together, but outside,” he said.

Coleman said he’s seen groups congregate on the trail.

“If people follow simple rules, they’ll get past it,” he said.

During the public comment period, Frank Savino of Hernando called in asking if the boat ramps would remain open.

“I’m an avid fisherman,” he said.

Oliver and commissioners said they were committed to keeping the ramps open as long as they can.

“People are looking for things to do and that’s probably one of the safer ones,” Oliver said.

Savino said he was happy to hear that.

“I don’t go to socialize at the boat ramp,” he said, “and I don’t think anybody else does too.”

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(81) comments


After reading the posted comments, I was happy to see the majority have the intelligence to understand the magnitude of this pandemic and state how ignorant some leaders are behaving - It's all about the money. That is why this county should refrain from being a tourism driven economy and focus on luring real businesses here (not gas stations and fast food). Let's rethink the Medical Corridor which would create full time jobs with good pay as well as be a major service to this community of older folks, who by the way, are the major contributors to the local economy. Also I suggest that Citrus Memorial not sell the building and the property it is on to some outsider who wants to put a hotel there. We should retain it as a Medical annex. For those who are pushing for development - what good will it be if we do not have sufficient hospital services to meet the needs of a growing community. There is only so much land and we should keep what is already owned by us for the good of us - Not for some outsiders profit. Also think about it - all the hotels that are closed now are being forgiven the property tax and lease payments due. Look at the counties on the east coast that leased county property to Trump properties that they are not going to pay. Those counties count on that income for their already budgeted projects and are now going to go "belly up" due to doing business with these types of industries. Wise up People. I think we should insist on having a "Citizens Oversight Board" so we can be aware of what the BOCC's plans are to ensure that no one in public service uses their position for personal gain.


I've been staying at home since this began to blow up; I basically only go out to get groceries. The problem is not a stay at home order, but the people who refuse to follow safe distancing practices. All of my responsible behavior matters little when I go to the grocery store and people all but rub shoulders with me as they come down the aisle.

The people who think we should stay at home are already doing so and the people who agree with the social distancing suggestions are already doing that as well. The others? As in countless other circumstances, people are either going to follow the rules or they aren't. Those of us who follow the rules always pay the cost created by those who don't. It's always been that way and it will always be that way. So I suggest we all do what we need to do in order to keep ourselves safe because a stay at home oder won't really change anything.


I think the Board is short sighted or using wishful thinking by not ordering a STAY at HOME order. About half of our county is in the high risk category. The cases are growing and with more testing there will be more. Another app shows 2 Deaths due to Covid -19. Where authorities have clamped down early and hard they have SAVED LIVES! I am staying inside for at least the 30 days suggested by the Federal Government. The way locals are handling that is about the time we will be in the worse case scenario. I hope not but this is one situation where it is smarter to err on the side of caution. Lives are at stake.




Double Agree!


I agree with the board. All it takes is a little common sense to get thru this!! Just because you may get the Virus its not an automatic death sentence. Panic does not help..

Truth Crusader

Are you kidding? DeSantis needs to issue an order now to "shelter in place" Florida has over 6,000 confirmed cases at this time. Does he need a ton of bricks to fall on him? Do your job and protect us!

CitrusCo Citizen

Truth Crusader: Looks like DeSantis did finally, on April 1. (I sure hope it wasn't an April Fool's prank). And it looks like the Citrus County BOCC is even dumber than DeSantis if that's possible. I have a feeling they'll stay dumb--after all, rumor has it that local law (e.g. Citrus Co. BOCC) "trumps" FL-DeSantis's state law and state law trumps Trump (who is worshipped by the BOCC.. So good luck, Citrus County--you'll need it with elected officials like your BOCC. Oh and you can tell the BOCC that the NYT is now available digitally in Citrus County Libraries. And the Washington Post. And NOT the Epoch Times!


Your sending back the $1200 Trump has sent you right??? Keep enough to buy yourself a subscription to the fake newspaper the NYT. I'm an ex New Yorker and I won't read that rag. Sorry you poor people are having a hard time counting on your government for everything. Maybe you should have gotten an education and you wouldn't have to count on anyone.


I don't care for the NY Times either, but I do care about our rights to choose what we read or not. The BOCC trampled that right and many others by their petty politically motivated actions, shaming this county. They should spend their time more wisely and address the real issues in Citrus. The BOCC are mere puppets, period. As far as the 1200.00, it is after all yours and mine, paid by our Federal taxes. If you don't need the 1200.00 donate it to a local charity, helping others is always a good thing. Plus it will offset this counties dismal poverty rate, something the BOCC has failed to address for many many years. A good amount of our citizens will have financial hardships during this pandemic since the county is lopsided with to much service industry . So lets do what we can, tip the take out food services if you use them, do what you can to assist others during this period of time. That's what a community is all about, united not divided. Citrus strong.

CitrusCo Citizen

Don't have to-- I've been a subscriber of the NYT for 8 years! I also subscribe digitally to the Washington Post, the Tampa Bay Times, The Miami Herald, The Orlando Sentinel, the Ocala Star Banner, the San Francisco Chronicle, National Geographic, Time, Mother Jones, Huff Post, Rolling Stone, Discover, and Consumer Reports. And my Kindle is packed with books! Oh and I won't have to send back the $1200, because I won't be getting it in the first place. Why? Because I make too much money to qualify! How? Online, of course. Why? Because I'm quite well educated, and my degrees have served me well in life! How about you, NIna? Do you ever stop watching Fox News long enough to read? Can you even read the NYT? Watch out--its Dale Chall readability level is at the 8th grade level. There's some pretty big words in there. Oh, by the way I heard you're the one who's refusing to accept the money and are giving it back to Big "Gubmint" because it smacks of SOCIALISM! Thank you for refusing the socialists' dirty money and for contributing your $1200 stipend to the homeless, the disabled Vets, the working poor, and the children of poverty. How charitable of you!

Phunkasaurus Wrex

What a bunch of clowns.

(Edited by staff.)

CitrusCo Citizen

If he can even lift one. We'll never see him out biking or hiking, that's for sure.


“I’m an avid fisherman,” said Frank Savino... “I don’t go to socialize at the boat ramp,” Frank said, “and I don’t think anybody else does too.”

I wonder why?


Unbelievable what are you waiting on

CitrusCo Citizen

Robert, the BOCC is waiting for the Epoch Times to tell them when to shelter in place. The Epoch Times is waiting for the End of Times. Oh well. Just follow your own instincts and ignore the elected Citrus County BOCC and you'll much safer.


OMG what a bunch of bleeding hearts. Buy your NYT and stay in your house. Problem solved. It wasn't President Trump that added a Trillion dollars to the Stimulus package for the extra Pork. It was your DemocRAT leaders who did. He only signed it to get America the help it needed to get through this Pandemic. The LEFT is absolutely Pathetic.


Crizor, I think your on the wrong thread. This is a discussion about taking steps to protect Citrus County citizens from COVID-19 not Mr. Trump's policies or the stimulus package.


I was only touching on post that were on here before mine. But frankly, I don't care what you think.


It seems its only Trumps policies thats going to save people. You democrats are worrying about lost money by shutting down businesses. The hatred coming from you non Trump people seems to me more dangerous that this virus.... Real christian behaviours.


Trump signed it so he can get a bailout for his hotels.

CitrusCo Citizen

Don't have to the NYT is available digitially in Citrus County libraries. Oh and the Washington Post, too! Sorry, Crazeor, no Epoch Times for you!




Remove and replace republicans. Backward thinking is "Progress in Reverse"

They all thing like 45 , who is a total disaster.


(Crizor) lancel44, I think your on the wrong thread. This is a discussion about taking steps to protect Citrus County citizens from COVID-19 not Mr. Trump's policies or the stimulus package.


Lesson from this crisis: government at every level, from the county commission to the White House, can directly affect our lives and health. Therefore, hire competent people to do the job.


Yes totally agree with you!!! Vote #LuisMarin


Maybe now they’ll approve an online NY Times subscription, since we are unable to stay and sit to read it at the library? Liability wise, will the golf courses that continue to provide golf carts and allow golfers to congregate eventually be held accountable, for such poor public health choices? Will stores that do NOT post 6FT markers be held responsible, when their shoppers get sick? In my opinion “Business as usual” is a cowardly way for leaders to wiggle out of leading, take ownership of issues or seek resolutions.


Perhaps they need to start reading the N Y Times...or any fact base publication that would enable them to make informed decisions regarding this insidious virus and steps to contain it in our community.


Why would we follow what New York is doing?? We are nothing like New York! Our leaders vary in opinions which is what we want but i DO NOT advise our officials to follow the lead of Cuemo or DeBlazio They are fear mongering and lying to their people!


Forget “following NY” how about China, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, France, India or even The United Kingdom? Is it realistic that major countries around the world, are all fear mongering? A global conspiracy of “lying to their people”? You’re right, we are nothing like NYC we lack true leaders in Citrus County and in our Federal and State Governments. True leaders “seek improvements” and encourage people to achieve them. They do not exhibit conduct unbecoming of an Officer and Gentleman. Inciting, inviting and encouraging social unrest, by actively practicing verbal abuse, spinning lies into more lies and refusing to exercise an open mind exploring multiple varied sources of facts and information is a deadly disease in itself.


I would advise people to read many sources. I would advise people to become well informed. And, when it comes to how to curve this virus and protect people from this virus, I would advise people listen to the healthcare experts. We are trying to buy time here. If you read the facts around past pandemics and what worked, you'd understand the importance of buying time here! We are not NY...but we will have the virus in Citrus County. What are we doing to prepare? I know people in NY who are living through this. It's scary and they are scared. Cuomo and De Blasio are making decisions for NY. Our BOCC needs to share their prep plan for Citrus County so that we don't exhaust precious medical resources and personnel before this virus hits the fan. We need a plan for Citrus County. We need the BOCC to demonstrate an appreciation for the seriousness of this NATIONAL emergency.

CitrusCo Citizen

Oh, the ignorance, the ignorance! Must be something in the water!


NyT is propaganda why would you want to read lies?


you can get your own subscription to the nyt for $1 a week....that's what I pay... as for golf courses---they don't "allow you to congregate", if you actually patronized one you would know this. If stores don't post 6ft markers, does that automatically mean you are incapable of estimating 6ft distance yourself? Is there ANYTHING that you can do for yourself, or do you expect gov't officials or private industry to do it all for you?

CitrusCo Citizen

Sus, sadly there are a lot of morons in Citrus County. If you had seen the kayak launch at Blue Run in Dunnelon last Sunday, you'd have to agree. Teens shoulder to shoulder, hugging, kissing, jumping off the 484 bridge on each other, PACKED on the boat ramp. Yesterday, as I drove past on 484 I could see there was a yellow "crime tape" across the entrance to keep crowds off, and guess what--a moron broke through the tape! I've also see large groups of people meeting up and walking around (closely) together without a care in the world. And rumor has it that Home Depot is PACKED. I agree that people really ought to think for themselves when it comes to safety, but guess what--many don't know how to do that.


I am discouraged by our commissioners approach doing this public health concern. To openly dismiss reasonable measures to keep the public safe from spreading this virus, they are encouraging people to act unreasonable. By not endorsing the simple measures of stay at home and be safe, they are putting many of our citizens at risk. As a son of a parent with a underlining condition, I do not want to sacrifice her for the sake of shopping. I ask the people who choose the latter, who do you love and care for are you willing to sacrifice for the decision that you're making. I asked the commissioners whose neighbor of theirs are they potentially sacrificing for there dismissive reasoning during this time of uncertainty.


They CAN NOT force people to stay at home, why enact a policy that won’t work. I think social distancing is smart, but if you’re going to social distance, don’t get upset when others don’t agree with you. This is America, the land of the Free, they can not make us do anything, moral of the story! Point blank


Well they probably could but I’m sure the Sheriff has other things to do than make sure people are acting like adults and yes, we have the right to LIFE as well as Liberty. Your carelessness makes my LIFE at risk. I will be stuck inside longer because when reality does hit here, and it will, it is because of selfish people such as yourself who can’t think about others, the elderly, those with chronic illnesses and our First Responders who are putting their lives on the line every single day. I would keep my social distance from you even if there wasn’t a virus!!!

CitrusCo Citizen

Well said, MooreS!

CitrusCo Citizen

And that, MIss Missy, is exactly why I'm staying at home. There's actually people like you out there walking around and thinking you have the Freedom to infect everyone!

CitrusCo Citizen

What else do we need to find out about them before we VOTE THEM OUT. I've had enough for over a year now.


COVID-19 basics:

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Some people infected with the virus have no symptoms. When the virus does cause symptoms, common ones include low-grade fever, body aches, coughing, nasal congestion, and sore throat. So, without any true testing here..we're using thermometers. CDC says you can have no symptoms or any of the above or combination. They say a low grade fever is 98.6 to 100.4. However, all screenings for testing require a 100.4 or higher. Meaning , alot of asymptomatic are running around infecting people.


You could be asymptotic up to 14 days!!! You could be sick and not even know it. Some carriers don’t show strong symptoms...people are blowing this way out of proportion

CitrusCo Citizen

Praying so hard I'll never meet you and you don't live in my neighborhood or shop at my grocery store! You are so grossly misinformed, Missy.

CitrusCo Citizen

Right. Some people will test positive and NEVER feel sick! They are called "carriers", and some studies are reporting a 50% rate of carriers in research on large populations. Ironically, the asymptomatic carriers will become immune to the disease after being infected and infecting everyone around them! That's why more testing is so very important. We need to find these positives who show no signs of infection and get them to quarantine.


With one of the oldest county populations in the entire US why aren't our county executives being more proactive: shelter in place orders; drive up testing sites? With a population this size, we are setting ourselves up for a major disaster. What are our leaders doing to make sure our 2 county hospitals are well stocked and well staffed? Many thanks to medical workers, first responders, grocery/pharmaceutical personnel who are risking their own contamination to keep us all going.

CitrusCo Citizen

Agree. And yes, thanks to those who are helping us.


They have no clue how many infected people are here and spreading the virus.

Why? because testing is non existent. You have to be half dead, and the "Biggie" , listen carefully , your asked if you've been in contact with someone with covid-19. The clown they represent in the Oval Office, stated, "everyone who wants a test should get one" Trumps been lying every press conference.

The governor, who I knew was a bad apple from his track record ..never voted for him, is allowing basically no restrictions , we still have algae blooms and pollution he said he would fix. God help us.

CitrusCo Citizen

Lance, she isn't going to help--you're on your own, kid! I've lived in several third world countries and this feels just like it. If it seems wrong, feels wrong, and is unsafe--think for yourself and follow your instincts, because the elected officials are NOT going to help you.


We are watching the evolutionary process of natural selection at work.

CitrusCo Citizen

Nancy, in my somewhat cynical opinion, those previously healthy fools who party at Spring Break, swarm together at boat ramps, funerals, weddings, religious services, birthday parties, basketball games, block parties political rallies, music concerts and grocery shop at the busiest times will win the Darwin Awards, thus strengthening the remaining gene pool!


History, facts, and data provide leaders with the information needed to lead. Utilizing the information/knowledge of medical experts, leaders use that information to make decisions on behalf of the health and well-being of their constituents.

Look at the history during the Spanish Flu with regards to containment. Minneapolis and St. Paul were conflicted on how to combat and contain the flu. There were opposing opinions on how to contain community contamination between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Despite Minneapolis’s conviction that the closing of public places would be ineffective, St. Paul government officials enacted a closing order for the whole city, including schools, theaters, churches, and dance halls. The St. Paul Citizens' Committee was concerned by the record of new cases and deaths between November 4 and November 5, 1918 and recommended this policy change (Figure 1).17 The number of new cases began to decline 10 days later, with only 24 new cases, and the next day, Dr. Simon reopened St. Paul businesses and churches.

Stay at home order emphasizes to your citizens just how dangerous and insidious this virus is. Stay at home protects our front-line medical workers from being overwhelmed. Stay at home allows more time to build the PPEs. Stay at home buys us time as our amazing scientist and doctors research this virus to discover treatments and vaccines. I don’t see or get a sense that there is any science, logic, information, or intelligence behind your position.

Commissioner Scott Carnahan said he opposed a stay-at-home order, and Kitchen said the order would be unenforceable. -You’re are right. It is unenforceable, but it communicates to your community the seriousness of coronavirus. It also shows your concern for the health and well-being of our community.

Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith said he was disappointed to see the governor close all parks, particularly the Withlacoochee State Trail. He suggested the county ask DeSantis to make an exception for trails. -Give us your informed reasoning for this comment. This is not a time for hunches. This is not a time for local thinking.

You need to listen and adhere to the recommendations of our experts. You totally dismissed the recommendations and insights offered by medical personal, EMTs, and law enforcement. Dr. Fauci is an internationally recognized expert for 30+ years. Listen to HIM! Dr. Kinnard is a doctor! Listen to HIM!

This is not a local issue. It is not a state issue. It is a national issue. It takes ALL of us to fight this threat as ONE NATION at the local level.

If you want to reopen Citrus County business sooner than later, you will need to demonstrate intelligent thinking and decision-making, not hunches. Remember St. Paul!


Thank you! Apparently restrictions are not called for here until no one is well enough to leave home. I would have thought that with such a large number of snow birds being here during this, they would be much more cautious.

CitrusCo Citizen

Actually, I heard some of them "flew" up north quite early this year, knowing full well that Florida would become the next epicenter, while others have decided to just stick it out down here for as long as it takes until airports, motels and gas stations are "clean" enough to use. That might be for the whole year in which case the ones who are left will become "native" bird populations!


Well said!


Very well said. This is the integrity needed to combat this virus. Thank you!

CitrusCo Citizen

Wallace's is the best letter I've read yet. Thank you! Yes, there's a big difference between the "Twin" Cities, and that was a good history lesson. And yes, is so sad that our "elected" officials STILL have their heads cemented in the sand.


They are sheep following their leader and more of us will contract the virus, but what are a few more deaths here in Citrus County? Irresponsible and unconcerned about the possibilities of their actions.


Please work to get the trail open.

Phunkasaurus Wrex

That's what's important?

(Edited by staff.)


Republican head in sand mentality. Think people! Listen to skilled and educated experts. Trump is a fool


Is this provincial or primitive thinking?

or both?

CitrusCo Citizen

Both, but I doubt if there's a lot of analytical thinking going on in the BOCC and their cult.


Is anyone surprised "the chosen ones" are just as immune to common sense as they think they must be to the virus? Extraordinary ignorance on public display.

Late Bloomer Boomer

I am desperately trying to help my neighbor and friend file for unemployment. Everytime I get to a certain point on the online application process, it sends me back to the log in page and all information has to be entered again. Whose leg do I have to jump to get through to ANYONE at the unemployment office. Why are the government entities so inept. My neighbor can barely afford to breathe, let alone lose her only source of income. I'd have a complete life if I could see just one of the BOCC morons lose their only source of income.


Covid is not a big problem in the County...But keep your nasty human selves away from our meetings!

Covid is not a big problem, but let's have closed meetings away from the public!

Stay away! If you want to speak to us feel free to use the internet!

Wait! This one tried to speak to us in person!

Call the police! Call the police!



That was my first thought too!



CitrusCo Citizen

It's easy--all you have to do is listen to the BOCC and Trump, and then do the opposite, and you'll live a nice long life. It will be a Darwin Award for those follow their advice--the dumbest ones won't be reproducing. In the meantime,--some real questions to ask are (1) Why can't we get tested for COVID-19 ih Citrus County, and if we can--where is that testing place? If we can't get tested in Citrus County should we drive to Marion or Sumter County to get tested? (2) Why does it take 10 days to get the results and how many people will die before their positive test results arrive? (3) Why is the pool party blasting away next door with about 30 teens-- allowed to happen? Where are the parents and why don't they care where their kids are and what they're doing?

Late Bloomer Boomer

Loving that first sentence 👍


I actually heard one Villages resident say they are "entitled" because of their population numbers. Sure, but Miami can't get them.

CitrusCo Citizen

Yes, the Villagers are entitled to get COVID. After all, about 95% of them worship the Denier in Chief, love Governor Wishy Washy, and are still partying hard in large political gatherings (from what I've heard and read) and were given the test kits that were supposed to go to Citrus County, because THEY and the Morse Family have a political deal with Shands Hospital in Gainesville. So I guess they are entitled.


Exactly. How come The Villages have drive through testing when even some of the VA doesn't have testing for it? $$$ and they are Trump country.


Remember, the Villages are #1 in STD's in the state

CitrusCo Citizen

Hmmm. And now Sumter County's COVID positives are tripling compared to ours.


The best of action is to ignore the BOCC. They're like ostriches with their heads in the sand. They have no common sense whatsoever.

Since the commissioners failed to understand this, IMO they should stay home and not get paid for this false narrative. I say the public should come down to the meetings but respectfully stand 6 ft+ apart.

I'm so looking forward to vote them out.


Thanks. Exactly, continued disregard for the health of the public they need to be held responsible. I hate to say it, but from the actions of the BOCC (or inactions); the discussion centered on taxes, etc. Typical, Tump attitude and to top it off the Gov. of Fl and his slow response to close the beaches and venues is right up there with the local bunch. I am sure is $$ driven. Fl has no income tax, that is great. Fl depends largely on sales tax. So true if you stay home there is no revenue, but the BOCC missed the point here, the people spend the $$ and the more illness then the less $$, period. I am surprised they did not claim this all fake news, they we dumb enough to think that before; just a thought! Pick leaders who care about the public and not the bottom line.


If you meet the CDC age and restrictions; follow those rules. Apparently the BOCC's are not following. Yes you can go out. The issue is what businesses are allowed to operate, causing increased density. I was around today and for the most part people are following the rules. The decision is yours, not the BOCC's.


Rand Paul would be proud of our commissioners, the smartest guys in the room....

CitrusCo Citizen

In about a month, Florida will "peak" like New York will be doing in a week. So how many hundreds in Citrus County residents will have to die before the BOCCC and the rest of their RepubliCANT'S will pull their heads of out the sand and admit that they should have been sheltering in place since March 15? Ironically, it will be these "Refuse-niks' '" mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and children who will be the last ones to die before that policy is FINALLY passed by the "Backward BOCC" probably at the end of April--too little too late. The good news is that these "Darwin Award Winners" will not be reproducing, and the gene pool will be strengthened.

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