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Advanced Disposal Tuesday story

Trucks from Advanced Disposal enter and exit the Citrus County Landfill in April 2019. 

Effective immediately, there will be some changes in the residential trash services provided by Advanced Disposal Services due to the public health emergency caused by the coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) outbreak 

All trash must be bagged and placed in a cart or can.

Advanced Disposal will not service any trash outside of containers as we are trying to limit exposure to our drivers and helpers during this time.  Additionally, in order to best protect and limit the exposure to our employees, the bulky item program pick-up at curbside will be suspended until further notice.

These measures are effective in all communities that Advanced Disposal Services provides residential trash service. We appreciate your support and understanding as we know everyone is working hard to prevent exposure during this pandemic.

For information, call 352-527-9160.

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We don't have any concerns about AD's services in our area but I am confused about the new requirements. Trash in a bag or in a can doesn't seem any more risky than trash in a bag on the curb. The bag has to come out of the can, and the employee has to touch the can, which is likely no more hazardous than touching the bag. The other issue is what happens to the can and/or lid afterwards? How many times have we seen wind-blown cans and lids blowing across the road or down the street? I just don't see this precaution as necessary or as protecting the employee.


The worst company by far, looks for excuses not to pickup your trash.


Since their announced upcoming acquisition by Waste Management their service has deteriorated https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/15/waste-management-set-to-buy-advanced-disposal-for-2point9-billion-wsj.html


Thank you to Advanced Disposal for keeping this most important municipal service running in this time of uncertainty. Please thank your employees for being on the front line and keeping our trash collected. For those that are complaining about financial compensation during these unprecedented times. Shame on you.


For the last two weeks this company has been *skipping* their posted Tuesday Yard Waste pickup, eventually taking yard waste along with trash on Thursday. Is this the new norm? If so, will there be a corresponding *reduction* in quarterly charge?

When they took over from FDS, there were three pickups *every* week: Recycling, yard waste, and trash. Then they raised the charge and picked up recycling every *other* week. Now, unless you paid an *additional* charge for recycling, you only get yard waste and trash. Lately, just trash.


As inconsistent as Advanced may be, they're way better than Waste Pro.....short for Waste Problem.

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