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Editor’s Note: This week’s COVID-19 wrap was published a day late due to delayed reporting Monday, Nov. 16, 2020, by the Florida Department of Health.

Citrus County surpassed 4,000 COVID-19 cases and is inching closer to an average of 50 infections a day.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020, the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) reported a total 4,019 local COVID-19 cases, 378 hospitalizations and 149 deaths.

From Monday, Nov. 9, to Monday, Nov. 16, 2020, the FDOH recorded an average 48 coronavirus cases a day in the county, after documenting an average 41 cases a day from the week prior, during Nov. 2-9.

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COVID-19 data on the FDOH dashboard is subject to change as epidemiological investigations reveal new information about a case.

COVID-19 cases rise at county jail; visitation postponed through November

According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) on Tuesday, Nov. 17, the county had 50 people in hospital with a primary diagnosis of COVID-19.

There was also 25% of hospital beds available in the county, according to AHCA, and 10% of local adult intensive care units were open.

As of Nov. 16, since the 2020-21 academic year began Aug. 20, there have been 151 COVID-19 cases on Citrus County School District campuses, up 24 since Nov. 2. Of those cases, 93 were students and 58 were school staff.

Citrus High (20), Lecanto High (20), Crystal River High (15), Crystal River Middle (13) and Inverness Middle (9) schools reported the five highest number of cases, according to the school district.

Long-term care facilities in the county have documented a total 732 cases, up 122 since Nov. 9.

Here are the number of COVID-19 cases ranked by Citrus County’s 15 zip codes that were reported on Nov. 16 :

  • 34452 (Inverness, Floral City, Inverness Highlands North and Inverness Highlands South): 600, an increase of 23 since Nov. 9.
  • 34461 (Black Diamond, Citrus Hills, Homosassa Springs, Lecanto, Pine Ridge and Sugarmill Woods): 447, up 29.
  • 34429: (Crystal River, Ozello, Homosassa Springs, Lecanto and Black Diamond): 401, up 110.
  • 34465 (Beverly Hills, Black Diamond, Citrus Springs, Lecanto and Pine Ridge): 399, up 33.
  • 34446 (Homosassa, Homosassa Springs, Lecanto and Sugarmill Woods): 361, up 26.
  • 34442 (Citrus Hills, Citrus Springs, Hernando, Lecanto and Pine Ridge): 305, up 27.
  • 34453 (Inverness, Citrus Hills, Hernando, Inverness Highlands North and Lecanto): 277, up 13.
  • 34428 (Crystal River, Red Level and Inglis): 253, up 26.
  • 34434 (Dunnellon, Citrus Springs, Hernando and Pine Ridge): 239, up 16.
  • 34450 (Inverness and Inverness Highlands South): 171, up 14.
  • 34448 (Homosassa, Homosassa Springs, Sugarmill Woods, Lecanto and Crystal River): 156, up 14.
  • 34433 (Dunnellon, Citrus Springs and Pine Ridge): 149, up nine.
  • 34436 (Floral City): 135, up four.
  • 34445 (Holder, Citrus Springs, Hernando and Pine Ridge): Five, no change.
  • 34449 (Inglis and Yankeetown): Less than five, no change.

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How many of these are snowbirds?


My brother a who has serious urinary situation , may have to go to Oak Hill hospital, because citrus and seven rivers hospitals are filled with covid patients according to the nurse who called me from the nursing home. The is serious covid problem here and it's not being addressed. The infection rate is well over 10%. Several restaurants and businesses are blatantly ignoring restrictions of mask weary by employees, social distancing and disinfecting.


Grandma, sister, mom, dad, grandpa, brother, cousin, uncle, etc., etc., will potentially miss getting the vaccine by thaaaat much due to this holiday season. So sad. Impatience and/or masklessness are easy to avoid, putting the humans in charge of their destinies. Wear a mask and have a little more patience, people. The MIA president still doesn't care, so it is up to us to get our loved ones and ourselves through to the arrival of the vaccine. Make the right choices for the sake of all of the above mentioned loved ones.


So, Everyone running around without masks, Does this not mean anything? You have a photo of the County Commissioners, excluding Dr. Kinnard ( The smart one) wearing a mask, When are people going to WAKE UP and see the numbers increasing, and the virus spreading??? Time to wake up and someone with common sense make some decisions, or is running with Covid being a SuperSpreader the target.

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