We are pleased to announce that our chapter has a new name, SCORE Nature Coast, FL.

We have served Citrus County for over 20 years, but with the addition of Levy County, we now serve the Nature Coast of Florida, so the name change better reflects our geographic coverage.

Today we have clients throughout both counties and as far away as Gilchrist and western Marion County. With our new name comes a new web address,

If you enter our old website address, it will direct you to the new one automatically. Our phone number remains unchanged, 352-249-1236.

SCORE Nature Coast, FL is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to mentoring any small business owner and anyone who wants to start a new business. Our mission statement is “Foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education.” Our vision is “Every person has the support necessary to thrive as a small business owner.”

We offer completely free one-on-one mentoring, matching your needs with a certified mentor who has the corresponding knowledge and experience. Additionally, we offer free workshops and webinars that cover every conceivable topic of interest to a current business owner or someone aspiring to start a new business.

Here the next one scheduled:

  • Let’s Build A WordPress Website — WordPress is the most widely used website design platform. Rich Hunzinger will show you how to build your own WordPress website from scratch, how to edit, manage and use available “plugins.”

The workshop will be from 2-4 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, at the College of Central Florida Citrus Campus Building C4, Room 102, in Lecanto. When you register, you have the choice of attending the workshop in person or online.

To register for this and many more workshops, go to and click the “Take A Workshop” button.

The beauty of the webinars is that they are archived so you can view them online at any time if you are unable to attend the live session.

Put your knowledge and experience to work helping small businesses get started, grow and prosper by volunteering with SCORE Nature Coast, FL.

No matter your industry or area of expertise, an aspiring small business owner can benefit from what you can offer them.

It’s incredibly rewarding for you and them. We are especially looking for people from the agriculture sector to join our ranks.

So, give us a call at 352-249-1236 or go to our website and complete the application by clicking the “Become A Volunteer” button. You’ll be glad you did!

Jeff Bauman is a certified mentor/chapter secretary of SCORE Nature Coast, FL. Contact him at

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