ladies' night out

Enjoyable evenings out with friends require forethought and ingenuity

Women are busier today than ever before. The demands of work and the responsibilities of family life can dominate a woman's time, making it increasingly difficult to find time to kick back and relax. As their careers take off and families grow, many women find it challenging to make time for social interactions, particularly with their female friends. But ladies' night out is a great way to relieve stress and maintain social contacts. Making time to hang out with friends can be good for the body and mind.

Give plenty of notice

When planning a ladies' night out, give several weeks' worth of notice so more people can carve out time to attend. Begin plans for a get-together a month or more in advance, asking friends which dates work and which will not. Treat a night out with friends just like you would any important obligation.

Try something new

It may be tempting to lean on old habits and make ladies' night out the run-of-the-mill dinner and drinks. Instead, think unconventionally and find ways to make time spent with friends more engaging. How about signing up for a cooking class where you can socialize and learn a few new culinary secrets? Otherwise, do something out of character. Attend a poetry reading or visit an art museum.

Have a plan

Plan activities before everyone leaves the house. Otherwise, you may waste precious time brainstorming where to go or what to do. There is a good chance those participating in the night out are pressed for time, so maximize moments spent together by planning the night in advance.

Downplay the role of alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are often at the center of social occasions. Women are largely social drinkers, but alcohol does not need to be a part of the festivities. Overconsumption of alcohol has been linked to the development of breast cancer and may cause damage to the heart and liver. Look for ways to spend time together that don't involve alcohol.

Hire a sitter

A night out with the ladies is a chance to enjoy some adult time with friends. Having kids in tow can make it difficult for women to relax. Rather than worrying about what the children are up to at home or if your spouse is going to call, hire a trusted sitter to stay with the children. This way everyone can relax and know the kids are well cared for.

Keep activities private

Women who move between different social circles may have some friends that overlap. Rather than risking hurting a friend's feelings, try not to advertise social plans with everyone. This could mean restricting postings on social networking sites. Flagrant check-ins or streaming photos from your night out could seem disrespectful of others and may lead others to feel left out.

A night out with the ladies is an ideal way to unwind and enjoy a respite from packed daily schedules. Following a few suggestions can make these social opportunities even more enjoyable.

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