Crystal River Watersports' Mike Engiles

Crystal River Watersports' Mike Engiles.

Businesses were finding anyway to stay open when COVID-19 hit. Crystal River Watersports was able to keep part of their business open.

Their boat ramp was able to stay open, but their spring break tour season was completely shut down. Since then, they have been able to re-open all aspects of their business.

“We are offering private tours and we have codified our gear washing and sanitation procedures,” Mike Engiles said.

Crystal River Watersports continues to meet the obstacles created by the coronavirus since reopening.

“The challenges have been financial and staying connected to staff and customers,” Engiles said.

Engiles wants to remind people of the opportunity to explore nature in Crystal River and Crystal River Watersports is there when people are ready to return.

Engiles took over Crystal River Watersports in 2014 but the business has been around since 2000.

They are looking to add more and expand their business. Crystal River Watersports will be offering free diving certifications and mermaid classes. Along with how to use a mono fin and do extended breath hold diving.

“We are exploring other offerings to allow people to enjoy our waters more fully,” Engiles said.

Crystal River Watersports is located at 2380 N Suncoast Blvd, Crystal River.

For more information call 352-795-7033 or visit their website