Escape Room

Jessica Bunting, left, and Courtney and Amber Maynard use their combined brain power and teamwork in this March 2017 file photo to race against the clock looking for clues, solving puzzles and riddles to find keys to free themselves from the Barber Shop at Crystal River Room Escape.

Crystal River Room Escape tried to stay open during COVID-19 by reducing the number of bookings, but ended up having to completely close on April 1.

They have been open for three and a half years with a total of five employees. Crystal River Room Escape offers four different escape rooms to pick from. Which are Autopsy, Crystal Casino, The Bait Shop and Shadow Detectives.

The Escape Room is back open but “it feels like starting from scratch,” owner Phillis Rosetti said. The biggest challenge is getting the word out that they have reopened.

Not only are they trying to get the word out to past customers that the Escape Room is open again, but also trying to inform the people who are visiting Citrus County.

“I still run into people every week that live in Citrus County and don’t know that there is an escape room in Crystal River,” Rosetti said. “ What is even worse though, is I run into people that do not even know what an escape room is.”

Getting back to normal for Crystal River Escape room may take longer than expected. They have no idea where they may be in two years due to the pandemic.

“I do not think anyone knows how long it will take us to recover from being scared for two months,” Rosetti said.

Crystal River Escape Room is located at 209 Southeast Paradise Point Road in Crystal River.

For more information call 352-322-0173 or visit the website at