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Crystal River Church Of God


Crystal River
2180 NW 12th Avenue
Crystal River, FL 34428

Last Updated: March 11, 2020


Special hours: Sundays - Worship Services 8:30am & 11am / Family Focus Hour 9:45am / Wednesdays - Worship Service 7:00 pm


About Crystal River Church Of God

Crystal River Church of God is a dynamic house of worship and people drive from all over Citrus County as well as surrounding counties to attend. Pastors Ronnie & Sherry Reid implemented a vision for Crystal River Church of God to be a place where people can find focus for living. He came to realize that most people are failing in life due to broken focus. So, every program we implement, every outreach we do, every ministry within our campus is designed to bring people into focus for living in 3 ways, to focus on God, focus on others and focus on ministry. By Focusing on God, we are able to feel his mercy and grace, and we are able to witness his blessings in our lives by knowing him more personally. By Focusing on Others, we are able to empower and equip the body and release them into their destiny to effectively minister. By Focusing on Ministry, we are able to help those seeking to discover their gifting and calling in God, and find joy in life-giving ministry. By Focusing on Living--a life worthy of the gospel, we are able to come into a deeper, richer, fellowship with God and feel the passion of his presence, while experiencing the fruitfulness and joy in our lives.