Unity Of Citrus County


Special hours: Welcome! We invite you to join us for our Sunday worship service and after the service for fellowship, coffee, and conversation in our Gratitude Cafe. Church Office hours: Tues-Fri 10-4 / Sunday Service - 10:30 a.m.


About Unity Of Citrus County

Operating since: 2000

We are here to provide a loving, accepting, and healing spiritual community that transforms lives and our world through prayer, education and sacred service. Unity is a worldwide movement of prayer, publishing, and education that helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. Unity supports all people in their individual quest to know God and find healing in their lives.

Unity stands for peace in the presence of conflict; for love in the presence of hatred; for forgiveness in the presence of injury. Unity honors the many names for God, the many paths to God, and the many ways to worship God. Unity stands for peace in our lifetime, for it is our diversity which makes humankind so beautiful.