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Citrus County Foster Parents Association


Inverness, FL 34451
Last Updated: July 28, 2020


About Citrus County Foster Parents Association

Operating since: 1981

In 1981 our association was founded here in Citrus County to help provide other foster parents moral support while caring for foster children placed into there homes. This alone was a big step in our community being so small and not as developed as other areas of our state. Through the 90's and into the new Millennium our small non profit stayed strong helping each other and welcoming anyone that cared for foster kids into it's arms.

Today our organization has grown to cover not only supporting foster families but Adoptive, Kinship and non-kinship families. We feel just because it's not a foster placement the families can still need help. Our county today has more relative and non-relative placements than ever before. Grandparents, Uncles Aunts, Cousins and even neighbors are caring for the children and even adopting them (so not every adoption is a wealthy home, just one willing to take that child and love them).