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About Key Training Center Thrift Stores

Our Mission

To assist persons with developmental disabilities achieve their God-given potential through an array of individualized services that promote growth, choice, and independence with kindness, love, dignity, and respect.

Our Vision

All people with developmental disabilities should be afforded all human rights and enjoy legitimate opportunities to share equally in every aspect of community life and citizenship without discrimination.

Our Beliefs

People with developmental disabilities struggle with life according to their skills and limitations. Through their innocent and vulnerable nature, they teach us how life should be.

When we accept and love persons with developmental disabilities for who they are, we discover they are more like us than we ever knew.

People with developmental disabilities respond wonderfully when treated as a friend, brother or sister; but not so when treated as simply the object of our benevolence.

In our common humanity, when even one developmentally disabled person is not given the same opportunity to fully develop as a human being we diminish as a people and as a society. But when life becomes better for the most fragile and vulnerable among us we all benefit.

Our Values

People with developmental disabilities benefit from a balanced blend of appropriate training, productive experiences and legitimate opportunities to succeed.

"Choice" regarding life options is a basic human right for people with developmental disabilities.

The dignity and self-worth of people with developmental disabilities is a fundamental guiding principle for all Key Center programs and services.

People with developmental disabilities possess unique self-expression and creative abilities.

People with developmental disabilities are full-citizen partners and are entitled to all associated rights and benefits.


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