Citrus County Chamber Of Commerce




About Citrus County Chamber Of Commerce

Our Mission
We are an organization of businesses unified in efforts to advance the economic growth of the region, promote the interests of the business community, provide key leadership on commerce issues, and preserve the county's quality of life.

Our Vision
Is to make Citrus County a great place to live, work and play.  To support this vision, the Chamber has united key partners, scheduled an ambitious calendar of networking events, and works closely with media partners to bring attention to the business community. We also advocate for local businesses and nonprofits, and the issues that are important to them.

The Chamber is part of the Citrus County Business Resource Alliance, which is a group of business organizations working together to improve the economic climate of the community through each group’s specialized area of service.

Voice for Business
In addition to the Business Resource Alliance, the Chamber represents the voice of business in the community.  The Chamber of Commerce offers a concerted voice for business interests at the local, state, and national levels. From influencing local policy to advocating for business interests, we have the resources to bring your concerns to a larger audience.

Professional Networking
The Chamber organizes 12 luncheons,12 mixers, over 100 ribbon cuttings, and numerous workshops and produces two major festivals each year. All these events provide outstanding opportunities for business owners and employees. Please check the Chamber Calendar for up-to-date event listings!

About Chambers
A Chamber of Commerce (or COC) is a non-profit entity made up of local businesses, all of which pay for membership. The Chamber of Commerce acts as a voice for business interests in political and public venues, and is often tasked with the job of attracting businesses, investing time and effort into the vitality of the area, and maintaining community-oriented programs.


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