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Last Updated: April 9, 2021


About Fresh Scent LLC

Odor Eliminator Service – Professionally removing pet odor, urine smell, smoke residue and any other odor from carpets, vehicles, boats, and much more! Serving Tampa, St. Petersburg, Citrus County, Hernando County and surrounding areas.

All major classes of malodors are eliminated: Sulphide (rotten eggs, rotting vegetables) urine, tobacco, and more. It does not anesthetize the nose. Fresh Scent LLC simply goes to the source of odors to digest and eliminate them permanently.Fresh Scent LLC used advanced chemistry to encapsulate and bind the malodor airborne and surface molecules for immediate odor control and elimination.Fresh Scent LLC is 100% water base, non flammable, non toxic, non corrosive, natural organic, bio-degradable, non polluting, no CFC’s.


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