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Darla Goldberg's "Peachy"

It is interesting how an occurrence, a pandemic or other happening, can upset the entire Earth’s population.

The adverse effects of the current virus misses no corner of scheduled activity agendas. And that includes the schedule of the Citrus Watercolor Society (CWS), as well as all other art organizations.

Many of these organizations have turned to the internet to present virtual workshops and painting demonstrations to fill the void. I can tell from feedback that I get from general readership of this monthly column, that there is wide interest in watercolor art on the Nature Coast.

With all this in mind, let me recommend a source of information for artists and art lovers alike, that can be accessed during this difficult period. And that is the website of the Citrus Watercolor Society — www.citruswatercolorsociety.org .

Once the website is accessed, click on the Galleries tab and go to the Member Gallery to see examples of watercolor art generated by CWS artists. Next, select the Painting of the Month tab to access watercolor art that has been chosen each month by CWS members.

Need to see more watercolor art? Then click on Member Web Sites for a wide selection of outstanding artwork.

Perhaps you have a deep-seeded interest in painting, but have never given that interest an opportunity to flourish. Review the upcoming demonstrations and workshops scheduled — if you are inclined to give it a whirl, nonmembers can attend CWS monthly demonstrations at a cost of $5.

Then, should you decide to get further involved, be brave: It is like going to school again — look for a beginners program at the Art Center or one of the local galleries. If you are dabbling with watercolor paints beyond the beginner stage, enroll in a workshop.

One does not have to be an accomplished artist to join the CWS. If you have an interest in watercolor art, opportunities exist in the CWS agendas to satisfy your needs.

Members of the Citrus Watercolor Society enjoy a “Painting of the Month” competition starting in October and November, January, February, March and April. They have opportunities to show and sell their work, take workshops and participate in monthly sketch/paint-outs, etc.

For more information about the meeting, or to become a member, call Marie Sloan at 352-322-0002 or Darla Goldberg at 352- 341-6226, or visit at www.citruswatercolorsociety.org.

The Citrus Watercolor Society meets at noon the second Friday of every month, except July, at the Family Center of First Christian Church of Inverness, 2018 Colonade St., Inverness.

Norm Freyer does publicity for the Citrus Watercolor Society.