Citrus County Animal Services is in desperate need of foster homes, especially for those that are most vulnerable and fragile, which include neonates (bottle babies), kittens, moms with litters and underage (not old enough for adoption) puppies and kittens.

Animal Services also has foster opportunities for animals that have medical needs or who just need a break from the shelter — think of it as their vacation or weekend off from work.

Most of the animals that come into the shelter are strays; foster homes give vital information that helps shelter staff find them their forever home. Foster homes also play a huge role in helping animals adjust to homes, family life and help animals that may just need to learn basic manners.

The shelter has many foster opportunities available ranging from long term, short term, day-out adventures and more. School volunteer credit hours can also be given to those families with children.

Citrus County Animal Services provides fosters with all supplies and medical care they need while fostering. So please, help us help them by being part of the solution. Foster homes play a pivotal role in saving lives by opening up their heart and homes.

For more information, contact Colleen Yarbrough at or 352-746-8408, or Crystal Wallace at or 352-746-8401. The shelter is located at 4030 S. Airport Road, Inverness.

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