SECO donates to CCEF

SECO Energy Senior Consultant for Civic, Charitable and Government Relations Kathy Judkins (second from the left) presents a $1,000 check to the Citrus County Education Foundation’s Executive Director Shaunda Burdette (left), President of the Citrus County Education Foundation Board David White (second from the right) and Past President of the Citrus County Education Foundation Board Linda Rodgers (right).

SECO Energy’s back-to-school program allocated Citrus County public school students with $1,000 to the county’s Education Foundation. As a nonprofit local electric cooperative, SECO believes in supporting the communities it serves.

The mission of the Citrus County Education Foundation (CCEF) is to provide resources to support the Citrus County School District to enhance the quality of education for present and future generations. The foundation encourages business and community involvement, promotes creative and innovative educational programs and recognizes outstanding achievements of students and staff. Over 15,000 or 93 percent of Citrus County K-12 students benefit from the foundation’s efforts.

The Education Foundation’s Executive Director Shaunda Burdette is thankful for SECO Energy’s community involvement. Burdette stated, “We are so grateful for the partnership of SECO Energy. Through its support, the Citrus County Education Foundation is able to assist in providing students with the tools they need to succeed. SECO’s generosity is truly making an impact in the lives of our children and our future.”

CEO Jim Duncan stated, “SECO Energy is honored to support Citrus County students through its back-to-school program’s contribution to the Citrus County Education Foundation. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, SECO believes an investment in education is a benefit to all of our members. In Citrus County, we serve over 15,000 homes and businesses. Teachers are an invaluable community asset, they enrich our communities by educating our future leaders and as a benefit to SECO, possibly our future employees.”

Learn more about SECO Energy and its efforts to support education and local communities at

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