Knights Assembly 1547 induct new members

Pictures are the participants of the induction ceremony for the 26 new members of the Knights of Columbus Assembly 1547. 

On Saturday, March 20, Father James Hoge Assembly 1547 inducted 26 new members at the Knights of Columbus Council 6168 Hall in Lecanto. 

To become a member of an assembly, a third degree Knight in good standing applies for membership in the fourth degree and his acceptance is confirmed by a majority vote of the membership.

The new fourth degree member retains membership in his home council, which is based at the Catholic parish where he worships and serves his church and local community. 

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An assembly serves a larger area, consisting of multiple councils. Assembly 1547 serves the majority of Citrus County.

A third degree Knight lives by the principles of charity, unity and fraternity. When becoming a member of the fourth degree, the Knight adds patriotism as a principle to live by. 

Patriotism was added to the order’s principles in 1900 on the premise that Knights are loyal to both God and the country.

One of the main purposes of the fourth degree Knights is to promote active Catholic citizenship and foster a spirit of patriotism in its members and the community.

The “Serving Those Who Served Program” is a major initiative of the fourth degree. They help support veterans affairs facilities by providing volunteers and financial aid. 

The fourth degree Knights develop activities and programs that aid patients’ most essential needs. Recently, Assembly 1547 donated gift bags to brighten the Christmas holiday for veterans at two local nursing homes. 

The assembly continues to support veteran’s organizations and patriotic causes throughout Citrus County.

The fourth degree Knights support priests in their education and endeavors, as do the councils, but tend to assist those who go on to serve as military chaplains.

The title of Sir Knight is bestowed upon the fourth degree Knight to encourage him to act in a chivalrous manner and exhibit such qualities as bravery, courtesy, honor and charity. The fourth degree Knights are the visible arm of the order. 

They have established the Color Corp of the patriotic degree to help accomplish this. 

Just as the Knights of old carried their swords to defend their God, church and country, the fourth degree Knights carry their swords in a symbolic nature, but accomplish the same task through prayer and good deeds.

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