Curtis Wayne Schaper and Frank Julian

Curtis Wayne Schaper, left, and Frank Julian, organizers of this weekend’s Harvest at The Farm, cut loose. The event begins today and runs through Sunday at 6 p.m. at The Farm, north of Brooksville at 19234 Lake Lindsey Road.

BROOKSVILLE — When The Farm, just north of Brooksville, hosts “The Harvest” this weekend, Frank Julian’s fingerprints will be all over the food-raising event.

A couple of years ago, Julian wrote a song for the Florida Music Food Initiative (FMFI) called “There but for the Grace of God.” It has become one of many anthems written by Florida songwriters published on two CDs pointing out the grinding food poverty existing statewide.

To help alleviate this situation, Julian and business partner Curtis Wayne Schaper collected half a ton of nonperishable foods in 2018, and seek to reap 1,500 pounds of food for area food banks at this year’s Harvest at The Farm.

“It’s 1,500 pounds or bust!” Julian jovially noted.

“We are focused to raise food, funds and awareness of the plight of the hungry,” Julian said.

He and Schaper, with a troupe of volunteers, produced Hippiefest at the venue this past summer and have booked 50 musical acts who begin the music at noon today, Nov. 22, and keep the music rolling through Sunday, Nov. 24.

Florida Music Food Initiative Inc. (FMFI) was formed several years ago to compile collections of songs by Florida songwriters for fundraising and, most recently, to aid families in the Panhandle devastated by Hurricane Michael. Julian is a director of FMFI.

In addition to the music, close to a dozen food and merchandise vendors will be present. And Bob Zampa from Georgia, as he did for Hippiefest, will bring another of his paintable autos so folks can decorate a classic car.

Julian and his extended posse, The Chicken Parade, musically close out Friday evening at 9:30 p.m. on the Barn Stage. Saturday’s program includes performances from local musicians, 2PM. This year, volunteers built another stage, The Lakeside Stage, where Crystal River’s Paula Bateman and friends will perform on Friday and Saturday.

Admission for Friday evening’s program from 6 until 10 p.m. is $10, but drops to $5 with a food donation. Saturday’s music is entirely free with a food donation. Music begins at noon and continues until 10 p.m. Sunday’s program starts at noon, going until 6 p.m., and is $10 — but drops to $5 with a food donation per person.

This annual event traditionally raised over 1000 pounds of food each year for area food banks.

“We are hoping to break our record to over 1,500 pounds,” Julian said. “We’re asking that you bring nonperishable food items to The Farm for this three-day weekend of music and thanksgiving.”

The Farm asks $10 per vehicle for overnight camping donations. The Farm is at 19234 Lake Lindsey Road, Brooksville.

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