NAMI Citrus is keeping cool in July.

We will have a short summer hiatus during the months of July and August. Our general meetings, open to the public, will resume in September.

Those interested in joining may call our local number at 844-687-6264 for information, and we hope you will. Members will still be busy with NAMI affairs, work and classes.

Even though we won’t have a general meeting, our work and our needs go on.

Remember NAMI Citrus with wills and bequests, corporate donations, memberships and memorial gifts. They are tax deductible, of course, and so very much appreciated by the hard working folks at NAMI Citrus, who really do not take a summer hiatus.

It has been my pleasure to share information coming my way; how we can make life easier and more navigable for ourselves, due to great knowledge and writings from other sources.

This one pleased me, from Massachusetts General Hospital: “Thinking good thoughts about yourself provides mental and physical benefits.”

According to the publication, “Clinical Psychological Science,” researchers conducted an experiment. They divided participants into five groups with special instructions: They were to take time each day to think good thoughts about themselves. Now, who among us ever does such a thing? They then categorized ways in which this benefited the participants.

Many physical benefits such as reduced heart rate, reduced sweating, and felt a feeling of safety and security were reported. Conversely, another group was subjected to recorded messages to suggest a “critical inner voice.”

As you can imagine, this caused a bad and stressful reaction to this group. Can incorporating more self compassion into our daily lives help heal depression? What do you think?

It can’t hurt, and it’s free.

Marilyn Booth is a member of NAMI Citrus, of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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