Music Man dominant for Scene 0705

Chris Patti as Harold Hill talks with Ainsley Harker as Marian Paroo on the footbridge in River City.

The classic American musical, “The Music Man” will open next Friday, July 12, for a three-weekend run at the Art Center Theatre in Citrus Hills.

The play features the lovable con man Harold Hill, who travels around the country selling musical instruments to create youth bands, and then skips town without delivering on his promises.

But in the town of River City, Iowa, he meets his match in the young music teacher, Marian Paroo, who sees through his con but is conflicted because her younger brother has taken a liking to Harold.

Featuring beautiful music such as the classic “Till There Was You” and “Goodnight My Someone,” the musical also has the upbeat songs of “76 Trombones” and the famous patter in “Trouble (in River City).”

Directed by Karrie Bailey and Sharon Harris, with musical direction by Danielle Flury-Downey and choreography by Lori Kohan, the play features Chris Patti as Harold Hill and Ainsley Harker as Marian Paroo.

Mary Ellen Craver is Marian’s mother and Caleb Namey is Winthrop, her younger brother.

Other featured roles include Ira Wolf as Mayor Shinn, Sharon Vetter as his wife, Eulalie and Emma Baumer as Zaneeta Shinn, Zack Johnson as Zaneeta’s boyfriend Tommy Djilas and Eayn Flanagan as Harold Hill’s friend Marcellus Washburn and Philit D’Agati as Charlie Cowell, the salesman trying to expose Harold Hill as a fake.

The 30-member cast is supported by a 15-member orchestra led by Flury-Downey. Dianna Haynes is the stage manager and Glori Jardinella is the assistant stage manager. Lisa Peterson is the assistant choreographer.

The play is performed on a set designed by Sharon Harris and built by a construction crew led by Gary Boesch. Set mural painting is by Sharon Harris, Pat Doerr, Dianna, Laura and Hannah Haynes. Costuming is by Karrie Bailey, Danielle Flury-Downey and Missy Mullens

Performances are Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoons at 2 p.m. Tickets are $21 and are available through the box office located on the Art Center campus at 2644 N. Annapolis Ave. in Citrus Hills or by calling 352-746-7606.

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