Rainer Jakob Sertoma Regional Lifetime Award

Pictured from left, Rainer Jakob accepts the Sertoma Regional Lifetime Award from Regional Director Walter “Bud” Osborn.

Sertoma Regional Director Walter “Bud” Osborn had the opportunity to present the Sertoma Regional Lifetime Achievement Award to Inverness Sertoman Rainer Jakob for his 41 years of Service to Mankind, to his community, club and region at the Regional Convention held Aug. 22 through 24 in Gulfport, Mississippi. The Southeastern Region consists of Sertomans in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

For more than 40 years, the Sertoma Clubs of Citrus County have worked tirelessly on behalf of area disadvantaged and disabled citizens contributing tens of thousands of volunteer hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in Service to Mankind. The officers and members of the Sertoma Clubs of Citrus County recognize the four decades of outstanding and dedicated service and accomplishments of Rainer Jakob as a driving force behind the successes of Sertoma National, the Southeast Region, the Heart of Florida District and the Inverness and Citrus Sertoma clubs.

Since joining Sertoma in 1979, Rainer has served on every committee and in every office, often more than once, including president and chairman of the board of his local clubs and continues as the “go to” Sertoman in Citrus County when needed for fundraisers and work projects. He has served Sertoma as a Distinguished District Governor, Regional Director, member of the National Board of Directors, Sertoma Foundation District and National Representative and continues to advise Sertoma Governors, Directors and National Officers when asked.

Along with his wife Sandy, he has dedicated untold hours to the betterment of area residents through his myriad church and community service based charitable works.

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