The 1970s was a period of significant growth in Citrus County.

At the start of the decade the county’s population stood at 19,196, more than double the number of residents recorded in 1960.

On the north side of the county, the Mackle Brothers Deltona Corporation acquired 13,000 acres to go along with the 15,000 they had already acquired for their Citrus Springs development.

The Highlands in Inverness and Sugarmill Woods in Homosassa were attracting new residents and Beverly Hills lured retirees looking for low taxes and cheap home prices.

In 1971 President Richard Nixon stopped construction of the Cross Florida Barge Canal.

That same year, Floral City turned the spigot on its new water system.

In 1975 the federal government’s Office of Endangered Species announced that Crystal River, the Homosassa River and King’s Bay were designated as critical habitat for the manatee.

The Florida Power Corporation’s nuclear power plant just north of Crystal River began generating electricity.

The Chronicle now circulated in Inverness, Hernando and Floral City. The Suncoast News was in Crystal River and Homosassa, while the Beverly Hills Inquirer served the retirement community. The Dunnellon Press was located in the north part of the county.

They were all owned by David Arthurs along with the Wildwood Herald Express and the Sumter County Times.

Arthurs started a twice-a-week publication for all Citrus weekly papers.

Nationally, it was another tumultuous decade.

• In 1970 President Richard Nixon ordered the temporary invasion of Cambodia as part of his Vietnam War strategy.

• That same year the Beatles announced that the group had disbanded.

•The Boeing 747 made its first flight in 1971, going from New York to London.

•That year, the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 and the Watergate scandal was beginning with the discovery that White House operatives had broken into the Democratic National headquarters.

• The Watergate scandal reached its climax in 1974 with the resignation of President Nixon.

• The following year – 1975 – the Vietnam War ended and Saturday Night Live began.

• 1976 heralded the beginning of a technological revolution when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the Apple Computer Company.

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