Jan. 1, 1942

Blackout will be held in county tomorrow night

Citrus and eight other counties of this section of Florida will hold their first practice air raid warning and blackout tomorrow night from 9 to 9:30 o’clock.

April 2 1942

Newell is elected new chairman of defense council

John Newell, prominent and wealthy resident of Lecanto was elected chairman of the Citrus County Defense Council at a public meeting held last Monday night at the courthouse. Newell succeed I.R. Nolan who resigned the position.

Oct. 8, 1942

Citrus County’s salvage campaign still in progress

John Allen Grier, co-chairman of the county salvage committee, said yesterday that the campaign launched last week among school pupils to collect scrap metal for the nation’s war effort was meeting with marked success. Many tons were reportedly salvaged.

April 13, 1943

Second war loan drive is launched in Citrus county

With its quota set at $62,000 Citrus county’s second war loan drive was launched at a patriotic rally on the courthouse square last Saturday afternoon when a number of speakers told of the government appeal to buys bonds.

Oct. 14, 1943

Dance will be given Friday at clubhouse

The newly organized Solid Seven Swing Band will play for a dance at Woman’s clubhouse her tomorrow. Admission will be 55 cents or $1.10 per couple.

Dec. 5, 1943

Pride family hold reunion Sunday

Mrs. Mollie Pridgen held a family reunion at her home Sunday when all her children were here to enjoy the reunion and dinner.

Feb. 10, 1944

Connor announces for re-election

James E. (Nick) Connor, popular clerk of the Circuit Court for the past nine years is making his formal announcement in the Chronicle today as a candidate for re-election. To date he has no opposition.

April 27, 1944

Red Cross stresses need for workers

With our armies poised on the very threshold of perhaps the greatest military operations ever to be undertaken, and the need for surgical dressings becoming daily more imperative, an urgent call for volunteer works has been sounded by the local Red Cross chapter.

Oct 12, 1944

New gas books will be issued soon be

All passenger car owners in the area served by the Inverness Ration Board are requested to file their applications for their new “A” book as quickly as possible so that they may be issued and mailed to them by the 1st of November.

March 1, 1945

Local Boy Scouts enjoy camp trip

Did you see a group of boys, with packs on their backs, going through town Friday and wonder what it was all about? Well it was the Boy Scout Troop on a hike. The troop left town about 5 p.m. And hiked out to Fort Cooper lake, arriving about 6:30 p.m.

April 12, 1945

Citrus county is over the top in Red Cross drive

James Connor, chairman of the Citrus County  Red Cross War fund drive, announces that a complete tabulation of returns from the drive throughout the county during the month of March, showed that $3,605.24 had been raised, or more than $1,000 over the quota of $2,000.

Aug. 16, 1945

Japan surrenders

Japan, last of the three, axis partners, surrendered at seven p.m. Tuesday after hard and bitter months following the treacherous sneak attack on Peal Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

Feb. 7, 1946

Attention overseas vets

Next meeting of Veterans of Foreign Wars will be held at Crystal River Community Hall Wednesday. All persons with overseas service are urged to attend this meeting and have the honor of becoming one of the charter members of the veterans’s organization.

April 4, 1946

Street in Camp Grohn to bear name of Lt. Rooks

Lt. Leroy Rooks, son of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Rooks, who met his death in action during the concluding phases of the European campaign, has been honored once more by having his name given to a street of Camp Grohn, near Bremen, Germany, according the information received by his parents within the course of the past few days.

Sept. 5, 1946

Duncan Moore elected president of sportsman’s club

At a meeting of the Citrus County Sportsman’s Club held Tuesday night, Duncan Moore was elected president, George Brannen, treasurer, and Miss Betty Mand, secretary.

Feb. 27, 1947

Citrus county fair opens

Citrus county’s fair will be open today at the American legion Hall. This annual event is sponsored by the board of county commissioners, and by the agricultural extensions service represented by County Agent O.M. Marines, Jr.

June 12, 1947

Council repeals city building permit order

Yielding to public pressure, the city council in special session last week repealed the recently adopted ordinance requiring approval by the city of any new building or the moving any existing building. The council chamber was filled to overflowing as an unprecedented number of citizens voiced disapproval of the ordinance.

Oct. 2, 1947

Golden Hurricanes play first home game Friday

Football fans will have their first opportunity Friday night to see the Citrus High School Golden Hurricans in action. Their opponent in their first home game will be the Gulf High School Buccaneers of New Port Richey, who are reported to be tough aggregation.

March 18, 1948

25 tons of  indigo seed shipped from Citrus

Citrus County farmers cleaned and begged 25 tons of hairy indigo seed for sale during the  past month, according to County Agent M.O. Marines Jr.

June 10, 1948

Drought costs county heavily in crop losses

Some rain has fallen in most sections of Citrus county in the past few days, which has brought a measure of relief from the drought which has done extensive damage to the corn crops, gardens and pastures.

Nov. 11, 1948

A carnival sponsored by Eugene Quinn Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will set up on the vacant lot next to the Standard Oil station diagonally across U.S. 41 from the court house for a week’s run.

March 31, 1949

Engineers  to hold hearing here on Withlacoochee

U.S. Engineers will hold public hearings in Inverness April 18 to ascertain desired federal improvement for flood control , navigation and drainage in the Withlacoochee River basin.

June 9, 1949

County hospital bill is passed

The Citrus County hospital bill was passed by the state legislature last week shortly before the 60-day session ended. This means that a long needed hospital will be erected in Inverness for countywide use.

Oct. 6, 1949

City’s water tank will get cleaning

It looks like the city’s water storage tank may soon undergo a thorough cleaning job. A proposal was placed before city council Tuesday by Jack Sharp, who did some repairs work and painted the tank two years ago.

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