Sept. 12, 1983

While Citrus County’s two hospitals are actively seeking expansion of their respective facilities, a Boston firm has expressed interest in constructing a third hospital in the county.

Oct. 28, 1983

The county flag is set in front of the courthouse so that we might remember the more than 200 marines who gave their lives in a terrorist bomb attack in Beirut, Lebanon last Sunday. Following a decree by Governor Bob Graham immediately after the tragedy, Frank Ingley, custodian of the Citrus County Courthouse raised the flag to the top of the pole and then lowered it to the half-mast position, the symbol of mourning and remembrance.

July 27, 1984

Two many empty beds at Seven Rivers Hospital in Crystal River has spurred officials there to ask hospital employees to work 38-hour-weeks in place of normal 40-hour-weeks.

Aug. 10, 1984

The manatees don’t know it yet, but between 40,000 and 50,000 humans are expected to attend a three-day party in their honor when the herd returns this winter. The first year Crystal River Manatee Festival is slated for the weekend of Nov. 23, 24 and 25 in Crystal River.

Aug. 29, 1984

The Citrus County School Board Tuesday sanctioned swimming as a varsity sport for the county’s three high schools. While details are still to be worked out, officials say the program can start as soon as interest is generated in the high schools.

Nov. 13, 1985

With a lack of funding overshadowing the county’s abuse shelter, the fate of that organization is hanging in the balance. “CASA (Citrus Abuse Shelter Association) has got to come up with the monetary resources or cut back,” said Cathy Swartz, who began the organization. “If not, we will have to close down altogether.”

Nov. 20, 1985

A variety of artistic techniques were displayed at the first Homosassa River Art Festival held Nov. 16-17.

Jan. 19, 1986

The editorial board of the Citrus County Chronicle announced today that seven members of the Citizens’ Advisory Board to the Comprehensive Plan are the joint recipients of the newspaper’s annual Citizen of the Year award. The seven members of the board, David Walker, Tom Franklin, Clark Stillwell, Robert Henigar, Charles Miko, Rick Rollason and Dixie Hollins, received the award for their outstanding volunteer efforts during the last 12 months.

Sept. 17, 1986

George Brannen II has been elected president-elect of the Florida Bankers’ Association.

Oct. 3, 1989

More than 20 people walked out of a Homosassa tavern Sunday without paying, claiming a waitress told two black men in their group that the pair wouldn’t be served. The incident occurred at the Old Mill Tavern in Old Homosassa. The owner of the tavern told the Chronicle that she did not refuse the pair service, she simply warned them that their presence could lead to trouble.

Oct. 17, 1989

Faced with a temporary jail taking over control of the auditorium adjacent to the fairgrounds, the Citrus County Fair Association will ask the county commission for a land swap for a new fairgrounds in the center of the county.

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