First Era 1895 to 1909

Oct. 31, 1895

Plenty and to spare

The croakers who predicted after the freeze, that before summer had passed there would be want and starvation all over the orange belt have lived to see the failure of their predictions.

    Farmers have produced enough for their families and to stock for a year and some to spare and in that respect the country is in a better condition than ever before.

Crystal River items

Mr. People is having an addition make to his house. They seem to be fixing up for cold weather as they have had a large chimney built and also another room built.

Hernando News

Editor Sherwood, of the Chronicle, was in our village one day last week looking up subscriptions and job work for his paper.

Condition of the Groves

Those who cut their trees down close to the ground at once after the freeze are greatly ahead of those who left the dead trees standing awaiting developments. The groves that were cut down have sent up good thrifty shoots which in many groves have attained a height of ten to fifteen feet.

Jan. 30, 1908

Of a Local Nature

Dr. Henley and Sheriff Carter went to Sumter County Monday on a hunting expedition.

A traveling contortionist gave a free exhibit on our streets last Thursday. The troupe with which he had been traveling got stranded in Georgia and he was trying to make his way to Tampa.

May 14, 1908

The new launch being built by Frank Head and Frank Dampier is expected to be in running order by Sunday. These young men have built a neat, trim craft, perfectly safe, and we predict for them a rich harvest plying between here and Cabbage Island.

July 16, 1908

Of a local nature

The Ozello School will open next Monday morning with Miss Rosa Hammond as teacher.

G.T. Ogden of Floral City passed through here Tuesday en route to Live Oak on business.

July 39, 1908

Of a local nature

Louis Thompson, of the firm Thompson and Turner, has been confined to his room this week with a fever.

J.D. Turner this week  received news machinery of the latest pattern for his bottling works. He is now perfectly equipped for the business and no doubt his trade will materially increase.

Aug. 27, 1908

The tarpon season at Homosassa is at its heights, the waters of the river are alive with them and those who are indulging in this rare sport are having the time of their lives.

Jan. 15, 1909

Proceedings of County commissioners

A petition for a change of the public road to conform to the streets in LeBelle addition to Inverness  was presented and laid over until the next meeting.

School Notes

Miss Kerby has five new pupils

Miss Elva Douglas entered school last week.

Leslie Brooks was out of school last week.

March 26, 1909

Of a local nature

Monday night after the entertainment at the courthouse, a fine dance was enjoyed at Davis Hall under the auspices of the Inverness Pleasure Club. Quite a number of young people from Floral City and Hernando were present and a fine time was had.

Red Level Doings

Miss Julia Olliff of this place is attending the Inverness High School.

Automobiles are frequently passing over our hard road from Red Level to Crystal River.

June 18, 1909

Floral City

Rev. G.H. York, preached two interesting sermons Sunday. The subject in the morning was “The Plowman will overtake the Reaper.”

Citrus School Board

The books and vouchers of country treasurer, F.M. Damper, were examined and approved showing the following balances on hand: General fund, $724.44. Sub district funds: Viana, $1.02; Hernando, $316.44; Fort Cooper, $2.02; Pleasant Grove, 21c; Lecanto, $25.39; Fairmount, $8.78; Crystal River, $155.62; Citronelle, $66.06; Homosassa, $5.25; Floral City, $5.22; Holder, $15.86; New Hope, $1.26.

July 23, 1909

Of a Local Nature

Edgar Davis returned from Tampa Tuesday. While driving an automobile about midnight Saturday at a moderate speed. He was run into by a machine running at a rate of 45 miler per hour and both machines turned over, pinning Edgar under the wreck and slightly injuring three other occupants. It took half an hour to extricate himself from his perilous position and it will be some time before he fully recovers from his injuries.

Ray Geiger, who was one of the publishers of the Chronicle before the present owner, will occupy the chair of English at Columbia College, the well-know Baptist institution at  Lake City.

Aug. 27, 1909

Church Directory

M.E. Church – Geo. H. York , pastor. Preaching every Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday night. All are cordially invited.

Sept. 3, 1909

State News

Some  thirty horses died in Pensacola from the effect of the heat during the recent heated term.

Eating match heads caused the death last week of Robert, the 18-month old child of Palmetto

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