Dec. 16, 1976

Dr. Thomas Gordon’s “Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)” will be taught at the Adult Community Education Center by Barbara Clayton, beginning Jan. 6.

Dec. 15, 1977

Inverness City Council President Emanuel Edelman was arrested early Tuesday afternoon in CrystalRiver by members of the Florida Department of Criminal Law Enforcement (FDCLE) and charged with three counts of bribery and three counts of accepting unlawful compensation.

July 20, 1978

Citrus County has suddenly been swept into the electronic age with advent of the purchase of a full size computer. County Tax Appraiser Charles Allen confirmed yesterday he signed a contract with Burroughs, Inc. for their model 1860 machine that will be delivered Oct. 1 if the computer room in the new court house is completed by that date.

Aug. 17, 1978

Citrus County Commissioners who at one time were enthusiastic about establishing a 911 emergency phone system for the county are having second thoughts in light of recent reports.

Sept. 14, 1978

A Fish Fry and Groundbreaking, with entertainment, is scheduled by the Key Training Center Saturday, Sept. 16 from noon until 6 p.m.

Jan. 11, 1979

Citrus County’s Home Builders’ Association kicks off its most important promotion this weekend with its first Parade of Homes project.

Feb. 3, 1979

Charles E. Davis, of Inverness, will be taking over the presidency of Inverness’ Chamber of Commerce at this year’s banquet.

March 29, 1979

Additional cases of the measles have been reported in Citrus County during the last week and the county health department is continuing with its program to try and immunize those children that are still in the danger area.

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