1910 – 1914

Jan. 14, 1910

Of a local Nature

Work on J.K. Kelly’s has begun an ark our prediction, it will be one of the handsomest homes in Inverness.

Will John Smith visited Montbrook this week and rumor has it he has contemplated moving away from Inverness, much to the regret of his many friends here.

Jan. 28, 1910

Of a local Nature

Mrs. Sullivan, sister of our esteemed fellow townsman, Thomas Ramsey, went to New Symrna to visit relatives and friends.

Crystal River is becoming known among the tourists as the best fishing grounds in the south. There are a number of people here that are enjoying the sport.

March 4, 1910

Of a local Nature

Jim Priest and Ben Morris were business visitors from Stage Pond Monday.

The stork visited the Orange Hotel Tuesday night and left a little cherub - a 14 pound girl – with Mr. And Mrs. H.L. Brooks.

A steel hull dredge boat is in the course of construction by the Tampa Machine and Foundry works for use at the Southern Mines at this place. The dredge is expected to be in operation by April 1and will greatly facilitate the phosphate interest in Inverness.

March 18, 1910

Of a local Nature

James Pyles is building a stable on his lot in which to house his fine sorrel pony. Jim used to be in Inverness and was favored by many.

Last Saturday in front of Mr. Spivey’s place on the lake Dr. Liddy shot and killed an alligator about five feet in length. The gator was lying on a tusset out on the lake sunning.

N.A. McMillan of Lecanto lost his barn with his contents by fire last Saturday, having caught from fires made by Mr. McMillan from clearing his land from planting. It was quite a loss as nothing was saved.

March 25, 1910

Of a local Nature

Ed Lee is a practical man when it comes to farming, as demonstrated by a nice lot of Irish potatoes which he brought to this office Monday. They were grown on a piece of low muck land on R.F. Bellamy’s place in town.

Joseph Robertson was up from Floral City Wednesday. He reports a very severe hail storm in his locality Tuesday evening.

J.E. Johnston, our popular livery man is preparing to build a residence on his lots he purchased from J.B. Smith in the block just east of the school building.

April 1, 1910

Of a local Nature

Thomas Sexton was about the first passenger to arrive is the city over the Seaboard, coming in Tuesday. He came to the crossing and rode into town in Harry Peter’s car.

The telephone construction crew completed their work here this week and moved camp to Floral City. There is a decided improvement in the appearance of the wires as well as the phone service.

April 8, 1910

Of a local Nature

Mr. Allen has had screen doors hung to his cottage on Main Street.

Steve Carter, who is well known here and in Hernando, has been convicted in Levy County for selling intoxicating liquors. He was fined $300 in costs or given the alternative of serving nine months in the penitentiary.

May 6, 1910

Of a local Nature

Miss Lucy Violet Lloyd will give a music recital of her Hernando class in the courthouse next Friday evening. Everybody is invited to be present.

The Inverness Cornet Band under the leadership of Professor F.G. Merry, continues to improve and the boys are to be congratulated upon the class of music they have rendered at the public speakings of the county candidates of Floral City and Crystal River.

A “Komit Partee” will take place at Hernando in the evening May 19under the auspices of the Hernando Social Club. The guests will gather on the lake shore one half mile north of town at six o’clock. The young men and ladies will gaze at the heavenly visitor, if they have time. No young man will be allowed to look at the comet alone.

June 10, 1910

Of a local Nature

Chairman Barnes of our Board of County Commissioners expects to attend the annual meeting of the county commissioners and good road association in Gainesville on the twenty-first.

Edgar Bellamy was now behind the counter in Thompson & Turner’s Main Street Store. He makes an excellent salesman.

The friends of Mr. Will C. Priest will regret to know that he is very low with tuberculosis at the home of his brother J.E. Priest in the Red Level neighborhood.

July 1, 1910

Of a local Nature

W.D. Talley architect for the new jail and the Masonic Temple was here Friday of last week.

The recently adjourned congress remembered Citrus County by an appropriation of $2000 for improving Crystal River and $6000 for improving the Withlacoochee River.

Aug. 5, 1910

Of a local Nature

R.M. Ruff reports the discovery of a very fine boiling spring just behind his place at Callie’s Prairie. This spring obviously broke through the crust of the earth because of the wet weather.

Miss Mary A. Taylor will deliver a lecture at the courthouse Friday evening 8 o’clock. This lecture will be interesting and instructive. Let everybody attend.

Sept. 2, 1910

Of a local Nature

Samuel Nail of Hernando County, but formerly of Floral City, was here yesterday and attended the Odd Fellow’s Lodge last night. He reports that lightning struck Mr. McCune’s barn at Floral City Wednesday, and killed a horse and a chicken.

The Hernando School opened Monday morning with an attendance of 47 pupils.

Oct. 21, 1910

Of a local Nature

A.D. Tompkins and Chambers Graham, two of our old rebels who refuse to be reconstructed went to Bartow Tuesday evening to attend the reunion of the Confederate Veterans.

The Ladies Improvement Society held quite an interesting meeting Thursday evening of last week at which plans were laid out to greatly beautify and clean up the cemetery.

Nov. 4, 1910

Of a local Nature

School has been delayed for a few days on account of so much sickness.

Those on the honor roll of our school last week were: Doris Gerock, Marie Williams, Leona A. and Emery Albritton.

Jan. 20 , 1911

Of a Local Nature

There is nothing like the railroads to make a town grow. The Coast Line now has improvements under way at Inverness that will benefit not only the town, but the surrounding area.

 Last night the Ladies Improvement Society gave a 10 cent social at the home of Mrs. F. G. Merry. The affair was a most successful one both from a financial and social standpoint.

Feb 10, 1911

Of a Local Nature

A horse belong to M. W. Smith became frightened on Main Street Tuesdy morning and dashed down towards the saw mill track dragging the buggy behind him, which he succeeded in freeing himself on reaching the railroad. The buggy was considerably damaged.

At last the old A.C. L. Depot has reached its destination where it will remain for some time as an orange packing house. The building was moved several hundred feet and is still a sound and solid structure.

March 3, 1911

Of a local nature

Despite the drop of the thermometer some of our neighbors are still feasting on strawberries, strawberry shortcake,  cucumbers, English peas., etc.

We are now entering the insect season and we earnestly hope that our citizens will make a real effort to combat the diseases caused by flies and mosquitos by screening their doors and windows against the pests.

April 14, 1911

Of a Local nature

The different fraternal orders of Inverness will observe Easter Sunday by forming  in marching order at their lodge rooms and proceeding to church. Rev. Williams will deliver the Easter sermon at the Methodist Church. Special music has been arranged.

The rock crusher belong to Citrus County has been leased to Messsrs. Morrison and Smith, proprietors of the Inverness  Crusher Rock Co., and these gentlemen are moving the machine near Ocala, where they will crush rock for road and building purposes.

May 5, 1911

Of a Local Nature

There has been over $50,00 spent on buildings in Crystal River within the last twelve months. Which is certainly a gratifying showing for a thriving town.

Sheriff Carter returned yesterday morning from his ten day outing visiting relatives at Captiva on Charlotte Harbor. Mr. Carter came by ways of Key West and up the east coast to Jacksonville.

June 23, 1911

Of a local nature

Floyd Rooks, former county commissioner, was in town Saturday. Mr. Rooks is now doing some effective talking for hard roads and a new courthouse and his influence is wide.

J.E. Davis Jr.has purchased an automobile and proposed to use it to carry passengers to such points as they may desire to go. Edgar is a careful driver and with the car ought to do well, as he knows this section fairly well.

July 7, 1911

Of a local nature

Postmaster Cubberly kindly kept the post office open all day Tuesday, although permitted to close the same on account of it being a national holiday.

Messsrs. Dampier, Shaw and others here who engaged in watermelon growing here this year can now wear diamonds on the strength of their returns. It is to be hoped that next year more farmers will; engage in this business, which will result in early and quick shipments, and buyers will take the entire crop on board here, thus saving the growers and risks.

Aug.  18, 1911

Of a local nature

Dr. Reaves is having the weeds cut down around the town. Let the good work keep on and soon Inverness will present a nice appearance.

Turpentine rights on 72,00 acres of land have been procured by G. A. Petteway and his associates. The tract lies in Hernando County.

Sept. 15, 1911

Of a local nature

E. C. May, the hustling Hernando merchant, was a visitor to Inverness Wednesday. Mr. May is planning a vigorous selling campaign for the fall and winter and rare bargains are being offered.

Col. Nic Barco, of the most successful promoters in Florida was here Monday from Crystal River to meet R.K. Knight, with who he was to confer relative to the possession and development of Lee’s Mountain twelve miles from Crystal River.

Oct. 6, 1911

Of a local nature

The state and county licenses for 1912 were due Monday. If you are conducting a business requiring a license and have not paid the same, you had better see the tax collector or stop carrying on your business.

Nov. 17, 1911

Of a local nature

The hoisting apparatus used on the Masonic Temple has been moved to the site of the new school house and will be put in operation in the construction of the building.

Dec. 15, 1911

Of a local nature

New lights have been installed in Smith’s Building, six inside and one outside, that will no doubt to superior to many in town.

Jan. 5, 1912

Of a local nature

Monday morning the work of clearing  the trees  of the old courthouse grounds of the beautiful shade trees began to make room for the new and modern structure. Hundreds of our people regret the removal of he beautiful shade trees.

April 19, 1912

Of a local nature

Superintendent Turner and Prof. Fender of this place and Prof. Finney of Floral City report the teachers conference held at Gainesville was one of the best of its kind they had ever attended.

May 3, 1912

Of a local nature

The ladies of the Southern Presbyterian Missionary Society will serve cake and ice cream at the old Edwards store tomorrow afternoons. Everyone is cordially invited.

July 26, 1912

Of a local nature

Monday Will H. Warnock started out to measure the side tracks and spurs of the railroad companies in Citrus County for the tax assessor. It is said that no county in the state has this data complete and Citrus was the first to attempt to get it.

Aug. 23, 1912

Of a local nature

A big real estate deal is now on for a large tract of lane near Crystal River, to the settled by a German colony. Two companies are interested.

Oct. 18, 191

Of a local nature

The incoming passenger train on the Seaboard line was wrecked between here and Hernando Sunday night. No person was hurt, but the train did not reach here until the next day.

Dec. 6, 1912

Of a local nature

Willie Bellamy now has full charge of his father’s market on Pine Street.

Jan.10, 1913

Of a local nature

The big clock bell tower in the tower of the new courthouse was tested by employees Saturday at noon, and all those who heard it remarked  that the sound it made was as near perfect as could be made.

March 21, 1913

Of a local nature

J.J. Freeze showed us Sunday a sweet orange picked from his grove on Gospel Island that is certainly a freak. A limb of the tree about a half inch in diameter, and four inches long imbedded in the heart of the fruit and from all appearances, the orange is edible and in good condition.

April 4, 1913

Of a local nature

The Dunnellon Cornet Band has rented the auditorium for the night of Friday, April 4, and will furnish music for a big dance.

May 16, 2013

Notice of the June Examination

The regular state uniform examination for teachers will commence of Tuesday the third day of June at 8 o’clock a.m. In the high school building in  Inverness. All teachers who expect to teach in Citrus County and do not hold an unexpired certificate should take the examination.

July 11, 1913

Of a local nature

The commissioner annulled all pistol permits heretofore issued, and in future applicants must appear in person, with three representative citizens of the community in which the applicant resides, to make the bond.

Aug. 8, 1913

Of a local nature

E. R. Ross one of Hernando’s merchants, was here Tuesday and told us that the shutting down of the mines there did not materially hurt those business men who are accustomed to hustle some for patronage.

Oct. 19, 1913

Jesse Sutton enjoys the distinction of being the first man arrested under the new law, for hunting without a license.

Nov. 14, 1913

Of a local nature

Probably never before has Florida  experienced so much cold weather as she had the past three weeks. We do not know the cause of such weather, but suffice it to say that we have already had sufficiency of it to last several months yet.

 Jan. 2 1914

Of a local nature

Thirty-two county prisoners  were brought here Tuesday and were assigned to the different camps, most of them going to Kissimmee to work at the turpentine camps there.

Feb. 20, 1914

Of a local nature

Captain French, a Texas cowboy, gave an exhibition of his skill in riding and shooting here Wednesday, and quite a crowd gathered to witness the same. He is selling a book of his life for 25cent and that is the only income he derives from his exhibition.

March 6, 1914

Of a local nature

Mrs. Tokens has moved her millinery store from the old Masonic block to the storeroom recently vacated by Sasser and Freeman, added to her stock of goods and is fast forging to the front as the leading millinery establishment in this section.

May 22, 1914

Of a local nature

We understand that the Inverness Power Company contemplates installing several arc lights on the streets of Inverness in dark spots as an experiment.

June 5, 1914

Of a local nature

Mr. Brass, who conducts the pool room, walked twenty-two miles Tuesday to vote, and then got there too late. If that wouldn’t make a man cuss we’d like to know what would.

July 17, 1914

Local mention

The ball game last Thursday between Crystal River and Inverness resulted in victory for the former buy a score of 10 to 6.  The game was well played and enjoyed by quite a number of were present.

Oct. 2, 1914

Floral City news items

Miss Ethel Johnson, one of our popular young teachers, left Saturday morning for Homosassa, where she goes to take up her duties as Principal of that school Monday.

 Nob. 13, 1914

County in line and doing her share of shipping

Both packing houses are running full capacity packing and shipping grapefruit and oranges. There is also being packed and sent north a great many eggplant.

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