1950 - 1955

Jan 5, 1950

Mr. Ernest Gant, formerly of Sarasota, is building a new store on Orange Avenue. Fixtures will include modern equip for frozen foods, a variety of meats and fancy and staple groceries.

Jan 12, 1950

Bobby Del Rio, Nationally know accordianist, will appear in a program of MAGIC AND MUSIC at CitrusHigh School auditorium tonight stating at eight o’clock.

Feb 23, 1950

George Brannen II, celebrated his seventh birthday Saturday afternoon with a stag party held in the Brannen’s backyard.

Mar 30, 1950

We are glad to welcome to our wonderful West Side of Citrus County Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pikard from Asheville, NC. These fine people have purchased considerable property on KingsBay, and are constructing a beautiful home there.

July 27, 1950

Three Citrus Countians were awarded degrees at first summer school commencement exercises at the University of Florida on Saturday. They are:

  • Austin C. Dillinger, Floral City, BME
  • Margaret L. Cason, Inverness, BAE
  • John C. Hagerty, Lecanto, BSE

Dec 7, 1950

Sheriff Frank Morris received a letter recently from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover expressing appreciation for Morris’ assistance during the investigation which lead to the arrest of Wilmer Lee Stebens and Roy Antholz. The two escaped criminals were arrested by highway patrolman M.M. Edenfield who was previously commended by Hoover.

Jan 11, 1951

Charlie dean shot an eight point buck the last day of the season, last Friday. He and a party that included E.M. Crowder and Bob Jacobson of Tampa and W.H. McLeod of Arcadia went hunting in the southwest side of the county. That makes two deer for the Dean family. Some shootin.

Mar 8, 1951

Dr. and Mrs. Jere W. Kirkpatrick are now settled permanently in their home here, and the doctor is having a new office building constructed adjacent to their residence.

May 31, 1951

Two numbers composed by Paul Grannan, band master and music master at CHS, will be included in the band concert to be staged in the high school auditorium tomorrow night at 8 o’clock. Ed Tolle’s arrangement of Foster’s beloved SwaneeRiver, the state song of Florida will be presented.

Nov 15, 1951

Tangerines from the Keating grove are moving to market this week. They have ripened much earlier than usual and are being processed the Ferris packing house.

Dec 6, 1951

Two colored families were made homeless Sunday evening when fire gutted their duplex home just back of the Valerie theatre. Whit Harris and his wife lived in one apartment; the other was occupied by Freddie Broughton, his wife and three children.

Feb 21, 1952

Robert W. (Tootsie) Hendrix has signed a contract with the Cincinnati Reds and will report for spring practice on March 1, according to Paul Florence, Scout of Atlantic Beach.

May 29, 1952

A total of 1,617,680 out of state passenger automobiles crossed Florida’s borders into the state last year. This total was 45% above the comparable 1948 figure, the Florida state chamber of commerce reported.

Oct 2, 1952

The Whirlwind and the Citrio, CHSSchool paper and yearbook, sent representatives to the Florida scholastic press association’s clinic for school papers and yearbooks which was held at Gainesville Saturday.

Nov 13, 1952

The Florida State Fair shatters a long standing precedence by appointing Mrs. Jeanette Zetrouer Chitty as Superintendent of its 1953 beef cattle department, which is

traditionally a mans job. Probably the first woman in the nation to hold such an important state fair post.

Mar 19, 1953

CitrusCounty was the first in the state to reach its quota in the current Red Cross campaign, according to a congratulatory message received here from state headquarters. Actually countyRed Cross workers, who had been given a quota of $1033, collected considerably more than that amount.

May 7, 1953

A miniature tornado ripped through a narrow section of GospelIsland last week, blowing down trees, breaking windows and causing other property damage.

Jan 14, 1954

The new bank of CrystalRiver will open its doors for business tomorrow morning. It will mark the end of a 25 year period in which CrystalRiver has been without local banking facilities.

Mar 18, 1954

Members of the Crystal River Town Council indicated this week that they will repeal a recent ordinance allowing the sale of wine, beer and whiskey on Sundays.

Fair attendance showed an increase of 50% over last year and the livestock, agricultural

and community exhibits were generally considered to have been the best yet presented.

August 5, 1954

Charles S. Dean, former sheriff and more recently supervisor of state road camps, was

elected Inverness police chief by city council Tuesday night.

Mar 17, 1955

Mrs. Eva Page Nelms, 46, was indicted Tuesday by the county grand jury for murder in the first degree in the killing of her husband at floral city on Sept 29 of last year.

May 26, 1955

Forty seven students will be graduated from Citrus high school and CrystalRiverHigh School next week. Twelve will be graduated at the Booker T. Washington School.

Aug 25, 1955

Sam Pickard has sold Port Paradise Hotel and its colony of duplex apartments at Paradise Point to Atlanta Hotel Interests. It was reported to be a million dollar deal.

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