1921 through 1941

March 11, 1921

New sidewalks

The contractors are at work on the sidewalks this week on the south side of Main Street, beginning at the corner by Dr. Cranston’s residence and working this way. It is of concrete construction, wide and roomy, and will add greatly like to the beauty of the street.

April 8, 1921


The Crystal River Woman’s Club have inaugurated a cleanup week for next week, beginning Monday morning and continuing to Friday Night. All residents of the village are urged to cleanup their property, yards, vacant lots,  etc., and have refuse in suitable containers so it may be carter away by teams furnished by the club.

May 20, 1921

Sophomore Senior Reception

The Sophomore Senior Reception of this year was given at the High School Auditorium, last Friday evening. The colors of gold and white were carried out in decoration, the hall being decorated in strips of gold and white crepe paper and cute flowers.

Senior stunts  was one for the entertaining features of the evening, where each senior was call on to give his favorite stunt.

June 10, 1921

Inverness Playing Fine Ball

Our recently organize ball team is proving to be among the fastest teams on the diamond in this part of the state, having been the only team, we are told, except Jacksonville, that have been able to defeat Gainesville’s crack high school team.

July 8, 1921

Canning factory for next season

We are reliably informed that the Tsala Apopka Packing Co. will install a canning factory in connection with their packing house in time for next season’s tomato and other vegetable crops.

Aug. 5, 1921

Water-works and sewerage practically assured

On Tuesday night at a special meeting of the town council Mr. Veracity of the McCreary Eng. and Construction Co. of Atlanta submitted to that body most elaborate and comprehensive pans for an up-to-date waterworks and sewerage system for the city of Inverness.

Aug. 19, 1921

Farmer’s mailing list

At the meeting of the Board of Trade Tuesday night, a motion was made by Mr. Noble and second by Mr. Montage, instructing Mr. VanNess, county agent, to send the names of all Citrus county farmers to the State Agricultural Bureau for entry  on their regular mailing lists.

Sept. 2, 1921

Woman’s Club to Resume Activities

The Inverness Woman’s Club, which has been looking after routine affairs during the hot summer months, is to resume active operations at an early date and we are informed by Mrs. Louise Thompson, president, that Ana aggressive campaign will be launched at once for a general cleanup of the town.

Oct. 7, 1921

A Ford Runabout was being offered by W.E. Herron, Inverness Ford Dealer for $395.

Dec. 9, 1921

The Board of Trustees of Lake Apopka have advertising for sale $50,000 of city bonds. The funds will be use for street improvements.

Dec. 16, 1921

Bus Line Inaugurated

A.B. Townsend  is now operating a bus line from Inverness, via CrystalRiver and Dunnellon to Ocala, making a round trip daily, having a new bus, comfortably equipped for carrying several passengers and making good time.

Jan. 20, 1922

Home Came Ted

The drama “And Home Came Ted” pulled off last Friday night in Inverness by the high school teachers and pupils is a fascinating plays. It is said by the “critics” that it is the best play ever put on in Inverness.

March 31, 1922

Girls Scouts

The girls scouts is coming lipity clip. Yes sir; they know have some 30 girls lines up and will soon have a full troop. A committee from the girls scouts helped to serve refreshments for Dr. Lamar Thursday night.

June 30, 1922

Local Bank Accomodates Masons

The Masonic Order of Inverness has recently negotiated a loan of $10,000 from the Citizens Bank, this city, to pay off the indebtedness upon their handsome, three-story building on the corner of Main and Pine Streets.

Sept. 8, 1922

Story buys Interest of Mrs. Fleming in Cash and Carry Store

H.W. Story has this week purchased the interest of Mrs. Fleming as the Cash and Carry, and will continue the business at the same stand.

Jan. 26, 1923

Phone system

Otto Wettstein, of Orlando, and W.D. Kirkland, of Webster, are in town for the purpose of putting a complete telephone system throughout the town and vicinity. The greater part of the equipment is already here and it is expected that the lines will be getting in working order within a short time.

March 2, 1923

Vann’s Pharmacy Installs Radio

W.E. Vann’s, the enterprising proprietor of Vann’s Pharmacy has installed a radio at the store which is now the center of attraction. The first place tuned in after the outfit was set up was San Francisco and have since gotten Pittsburgh, New York and Chicago and other locations.

April 13, 1923

Great game Between CHS and St. Leo

The CitrusHigh School boys played St.LeoCollege Saturday in undoubtedly the most interesting  and greatest baseball battle ever witnessed upon the field here. Fourteen innings being played and ending with a score standing at 2 to 1 in favor of St. Leo.

Mary 25, 1923

CitrusCounty Bonds Bring Record Price

The CitrusCounty bond issue of $750,000 for a county wide road system, which includes State Road No. Across the county’s north and south, which be hard surfaced with the state providing $300,000 for this purpose – and a hard surface road from Inverness to CrystalRiver, which good rock and clay roads through other sections of the county was sold by the commissioners Monday.

June 22, 1923

School District Elections

Special elections for trustees and to determine the amount of mileage to be levied for this year will be levied next Tuesday in the following special tax school districts of this county: Pleasant Grove, CrystalRiver, Ozello, Homosassa, FloralCity and New Hope.

Aug. 3, 1923

Girls Scout Carnival A Big Success

The girls scouts carnival held at the school auditorium proved a very entertaining diversion; netting the girls something over $31 to be used in further improving their camp ground.

Nov. 2, 1923

Tomato Growers Meet

The Tomato Growers Association  met on Thursday at the courthouse.Plans for monstrous crop was discussed. Several contractors were present at the meeting and offer propositions. None as yet have been accepted.

Dec. 28, 1923

Firemen hold first practice

The first practice session of the Inverness Volunteer Fire Department was held on Friday evening. About 25 men turned out and profited by the instruction given them by Chief W.E. Herron.

Jan. 25, 1924

Last Time

Those who have not ordered car licenses for this year, best do so immediately as Feb. 1 will soon be on hand. – B.O. Bowden, sheriff

April 4, 1924

Tampa realtor plans new subdivision for Inverness

Believing that a number of medium priced homes suitably located will provide an attraction to settlers and one of the principle factors in the development of Inverness during the next few years, W.C. Lassiter, Missouri railroad president and Tampa realtor, paid a visit to this city early this week for the purpose of securing a desirable close-in tract for subdividing into homesites.

April 10, 1925

Office space in big demand in this city

To meet the increasing demand for office space here, the Inverness Telephone Company is now making preparations for the removal of the telephone exchange on the second floor of the buildings in order the first floor maya vibe divided into office departments. These apartments have already been spoken for it is understood  there being a great demand for office space in the city.

May 22, 1925

Incorporation of Lecanto has been granted

According to word received yesterday from Tallahassee, both houses of the state legislature have granted the charter which make Lecanto a full-fledged city, and it is only necessary now for the governor’s signature to the bill.

July 17, 1925

Booster Club Sponsors Move For Building

CrystalRiver now has a building corporation as the result of the efforts of the Booster Club to interest the citizens of the town in movement towards providing homes for the many newcomers who are seeking to settle here.

March 12, 1926

Will open bids Friday night on great program

Inverness’ great program of development is under way. Bids are to be opened Friday for the construction of this city’s half million dollar program of improvements including paving, sewer extensions, waterworks extensions and ornamental street lighting system for the business district.

April 2, 1926

Board award contracts for school houses

Another big forward step in anticipation of future increases in population in Citrus County was taken on Tuesday, when bids were opened and contracts let for construction of space new school building in Lecanto and Floral City.

June 25, 1926

Clever programs much enjoyed by Kiwanians

Kiwanians will remember with delight the luncheon held Thursday in the woman’s club building , when the program committee composed of G.L. Jacobs, Frank Sanders, and John F. Roscoe did themselves proud by furnishing entertainment that made even the most sedate Kiwanians forget  their dignity and howl vociferously for more. The three number could not have been improved on.

Aug. 19, 1927

Father Louis to celebrate mass

The Reverend Father Louis, O.S.B., of St. Leo’s Abbey, will celebrate mass in New Homosassa on Sunday morning at 10:30. Services will be in the old administration building part of which has been sit aside for  that purpose until the new Catholic Church has been erected.

Sept. 27, 1927

Crystal River World War Vets get Legion Post

An American Legion post to be know as the Allen-Rawls post has been organized and has a charter membership of fifteen veterans.

May 25, 1928

On Monday, I.R. Nolan, county agriculture agent, together with ten Citrus County 4-H Club boys will leave  for a week’s short course in Gainesville.

Aug. 10, 1928

Roddenberry wins in one round K.O.

Brooksville was well represented in the ring Friday here when three of the local talent performed. Odis Roddenberry took the place of Curley Bateman, who for some reason was unable to appear for the main about of ten rounds. Bateman’s shoes were filled to perfection when he administered the sleep drops to Perry Clark of Hernando.  It took exactly three punches to do the trick.

Sept. 14, 1928

Public Health Nurse in county this month.

Miss Clio McLaughlin, of Jacksonville, staff nurse for the Bureau of Child Hygiene and public Health Nursing in is Citrus County this month for the purpose of doing inspections of children in gig the one and two teacher rural schools.

May 17, 1929

Breuchaud building new lime rock road

Jules Breuchaud, owner of a palatial home on Lake Tsala Apopka, is having constructed a limerock road, which when completed will connect bridge street with Apopka Avenue.

July 12, 1929

Two mills added to country taxes

In making the county budget for fiscal year beginning July 1st, the board of county commissioners found it necessary to add two mills to the county taxes. This was made necessary in view of the fact that taxes are not being paid as they should and a great amount of property is going back to the state each year.

Oct. 17, 1929

Lecanto Club Women will serve chicken dinner for 25 cents

March 20, 1930

Large acreage being planted to tung oil

That Citrus County is destined to be one of the larges producers of tung nuts is evidence by the fact that nearly 100 acres have already been planted and arrangement are being made to plant a thousand more acres.

May 8, 1930

Talkies coming to Inverness Theatre

The talkies are coming. J.L. Leonard and R.E. Baker have leased the Avalon Theatre, which has been closed for a year and inform the Chronicle that first class equipment will be installed therein and the place opened for business before the first of June.

June 19, 1930

Flood rains

One of the heaviest rains of the season drenched Inverness and Citrus County Wednesday night. Most of the residential sections were flooded Thursday morning, the storm sewers being over taxed and the various lakes and streams being higher than usual.

June 18, 1931

Calf with three nostrils born at Crystal River

Rogers and Marie McCoy, a couple living about two miles south of town are the owner of the calf, which was born with three nostrils. The third nostril is in the center of the nose. Otherwise the calf seems to be normal.

Sept. 10, 1931

Too much speeding near Inverness school buildings

 Motorists who use state road five seem to pay little or no attention to the fact that Citrus High School with several hundred pupils is on this road and speed past the building at all times of the day.

Dec. 3, 1931

Hunting parties fewer this year

The extreme dry weather of the last few weeks has put a crimp in the hunting business in this section of the state

Jan. 28, 1932

Money on hand to pay teachers

Approximately $3,000 has been received by the county school board from the state, which is the county’s portion of the money from the sale of automobile license tags for the first fifteen days of the present month. The amount will enable the board to pay all teachers salaries in full for the month of January, and enough to additional money is expected from this source to take care of expenses for February.

July 7, 1932

New postal rates are now in effect

Miss Sara Sweat, local postmaster, announces that the new postal rates went into effect Wednesday of this week and will be in effect for two years. First class mail will cost three cents an ounce or fraction thereof.

Sept. 22, 1932

Helping the unfortunate

The Inverness Relief Society organized some time ago at a mass meeting held in the court house, is doing good work a point the unfortunate people here. Among other things the body has been instrumental in getting four little children started to school, who otherwise would have had to remain at home.

Feb. 9, 1933

Poor sports

New signs recently placed by the state road department on the Inverness-Crystal River highway

Have been shot full of hole by persons hunting in the vicinity of the road.

May 18, 1933

Call for donations

The first call for donations of used clothing, shoes, hats, etc., by the Citrus County Emergency Relief Council met splendid response.

Oct. 19, 1933

Mrs. D.L. Savary entertained forty-six little folks Friday afternoon honoring her son Donald’s seventh birthday at the home of Donald’s grandmother, Ms. Maggie Savary.

Feb. 22, 1934

Epworth League Union meets

The Live Wire Epworth League Union meets in the Inverness Methodist Church Friday evening at 8 o’clock. All young people of Inverness, Floral City and New Hope are urged to attend. After the business meeting, a social hour will be held.

Sept. 20, 1934

First aid course offered

Announcement is made that anyone who desires to take a first aid nursing course is invited to attend a meeting this Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock at the Aid Station No. 10 Connors Court in Inverness. Tea will be served.

Dec. 13, 1934

Worst crop damage since big freeze of forty years ago

Three succeeding nights which sent the temperature down to below the freezing point has cut down the marketable tangerines in Citrus County to 40 percent; damaged the oranges 30 percent and froze 25 percent of the grapefruit.

Feb. 7, 1935

I.R. Nolen heads cattlemen’s group

I.R. Nolen was elected president of the Citrus County Cattlemen’s Association for the ensuing year at a meeting in the courthouse Monday afternoon. More than 40 stockmen attended.

Feb. 28, 1935

Sheriff Dean will ‘clean up’ liquor

Cooperating with Gov. Dave Sholtz in governor’s request to Florida sheriffs to make a vigorous drive against illegal liquor sales, Sheriff Charles Dean announced this week that he is going to “clean up” Citrus County. The sheriff says that he means business and will prosecute anyone he finds selling liquor without a license.

July 25, 1935

B&B garage new automobile agency

The B. & B. Garage is announcing this week that it has taken the agency here for Dodge and Plymouth automobiles. The garage now has one Plymouth sedan here as a demonstrator and to have several more models on hand within a short time.

Jan. 23, 1936

Last Will Rogers film coming Friday

“In Old Kentucky” acclaimed by critics as Will Rogers’s greatest picture, will be shown at the Valerie Theater Friday. School children will get an afternoon holiday in order to enable them to attend a special matinee. The Parent-Teacher  Association will get a percentage of the revenue.

June 11, 1936

Fishing party has fine luck at Crystal River

Twenty-three grouper land kingfish, totaling more than 150 pounds were caught by a fishing party last week on the gulf off Crystal River. The party of a group of friends of the Rev. Dr. W.H. Parsons of Crystal River, who acted as host of the outing on Captain Dorsey’s launch.

Oct, 22, 1936

County’s west side will have rallies

Democrats of the west side of Citrus County will have two campaign rallies all their own Saturday afternoon and night arranged by E.J. Boswell, chairman of the county executive committee.

Jan. 14, 1937

Cone says canal won’t damage water supply

“There’s nothing to that stuff about the canal hurting the fresh water supply,” asserted Gov. Fred Cone in a recent endorsement of the cross-state canal project.

May 13, 1937

Dizzy Vance reports large catches of fish

Dizzy Vance, famous strikeout king of the Brooklyn Dodgers in past years, who now operates a popular year-round hotel at Homosassa Springs, reports that large catches of fish are being made both in the river and the gulf.

July 8, 1937

No increase for WPA workers

Citrus County WPA officials announced this week that they had been notified by Frank Ingram, state WPA administrator, that the quota of WPA projects in Florida will not be increased, despite a Washington dispatch to the contrary. He further states the entire system is being worked on and there are no vacancies.

Jan. 13, 1938

Airplane will take up passengers

Airplane passenger flying at an improvised landing field a mile and half south of Inverness on road five is now underway, the pilot being Ned Bottoms, flying since 1918. He takes up passengers at 50 cents each.

April 28, 1938

Stores here to begin closing on Thursday

Inverness business houses will begin Thursday afternoon closing for the summer months Thursday of next week, May 6. The stores will be closed each Thursday afternoon until Oct. 1.

July 7, 1938

13-lb. bass caught in Inverness lake

The largest bass reported caught in the fresh waters of Citrus County this summer was landed last Monday by Dr. Thompson of St. Petersburg, who brought in one weighting 13 pounds. He was using a cane pole with a shiner for bait.

March 30, 1939

Dame and Scofield prepare to leave for state Capitol

Senator George A. Dame and Representative

 Geo. W. Scofield, which will represent Citrus County at the 1939 session of the Florida Legislature will leave for Tallahassee Saturday. The legislature will convene Tuesday.

Sept. 14, 1939

Legion post will give Dane Friday

A large crowd of young folk from all over this section is expected her tomorrow for the dance to be held at the American Legion post’s home.

Nov. 30 1939

Protest made over cutting WPA rolls in county

Aroused over the great number of needy clients cut off the WPA rolls of Citrus County in recent weeks, civic leaders are organizing a drive to induce WPA officials to increase the quota of workers here.

April 18, 1940

Ball team winner in game Tuesday

Citrus high school’s baseball team won a lopsided 14-3 decision over the New Port Richey ball club on the New Port Richey Diamond Tuesday. Clyde Street, Inverness mound ace, struck out nine and limited the opposition to four scattered hits.

July 4, 1940

4 Tarpon caught in local waters.

With four tarpon brought to gaff within the last two weeks, local anglers are at last getting the hang of how to catch the big silver king fish this summer more than ever before.

Oct, 31, 1940

1586 hogs treated by county agent

County agent Ben L. Gittings reports that he vaccinated 1586 head of hogs in Citrus county during 11 working days.

Jan 2, 1941

Dr. Dame accepts public health job in Nassau county

Dr. George A. Dame, able and popular physician here for 36 years moved with his family this week to Fernandina, where he has begun his duties as head to the Nassau County Public Health Department.

Dec. 11, 1941

Defense plans to be perfected at meeting Friday

With the United States already at war with Japan, Germany and Italy and attacks being expected at any time on American shores, national defense organizations will begin functioning in the various counties throughout Florida.

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