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As we age, we tend to become increasingly more aware of our facial features. The current popularity of facial rejuvenation is a testament to not only our aging population but the surging aesthetic movement in America.

Among the most sought after procedures remains the brow lift, and this has paralleled the art and advances in the procedure itself. Utilizing the most recent technology allows for minimizing the invasiveness and tends to ensure a quicker recovery. If considering a brow lift, the following can be helpful to know and consider.

The area between the eyelid and the eyebrows tends to correlate with the perception of youthfulness. Highlighting this area helps bring about a glow and vibrance to one’s face. In fact, people tweeze under their eyebrows often unknowingly to help showcase these qualities but many times too much hair is removed leading to overly thin or disportionate eyebrows.

So what is the ideal brow position? Though beauty is truly in the the eye of the beholder, there does exist some statistically recognized features that tend to portend beauty to most people. For women’s eyebrows, the inner portion (the beginning of your eyebrow closest to their nose) should typically rest lower then the rest of the eyebrows. The height of the eyebrow should not exceed the bony prominence on the forehead, while the tail should be approximately 1 to 1.5 cm above the eye socket.

For a man, however, the brow should either lay flat and straight or sit slightly below the eye socket margin. Despite what’s considered the norm in beauty, surgeons consider each face individually accounting for specific facial characteristics, tissue health, and the lining of the orbit itself when performing a brow surgery.

A person’s hairline is another important feature that is often tied to beauty. The typical aesthetically pleasing forehead height tends to be approximately 4.5 cm to 5.5 cm though numerous other factors contribute to this end. Cosmetic procedures can involve the hairline to be raised, lowered, or on focusing on ensuring the hairline remains unchanged. It is important to note that a higher hairline tends to correlate with an aged appearance, similar to a receding hairline.

The access point for a brow lift can vary from above the hairline, at the hairline, directly in the middle of the forehead, directly above the brow or below the brow. There are pros and cons to selecting the various access points which include scarring and healing time, and thus it is important to discuss them in detail with your physician.

Once the brow has been lifted, focusing on maintaining its desired fixated position becomes imperative. Options for fixation vary though recent studies have shown the greatest reliability exists with advanced procedures that involve the area of the skull where the frontal and temporal bones conjoin. As a result, it is the most commonly used anchoring and fixation location. It is important to note that excessive tension and pull on the scalp either by excision or fixation can result in the loss of hair and can affect the overall outcome of the procedure.

Facial rejuvenation surgeries including brow lifts are not simple, superficial cosmetic interventions. Rather, these procedures can have profound benefits beyond just physical enhancements. Many patients attest to greater self-confidence and emotional stability leading to improved overall mental health.

Utilizing the newest technology has allowed brow lifts to become a minimally invasive surgery though it is not right for everyone. Risks also need to be carefully and collectively discussed between patients and providers. Additionally, if considering this procedure, make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon and consider his or her training and experience. Seeing the smiles and hearing stories from former patients have made these procedures personally gratifying for me to perform as well.

Regardless of whether one pursues such interventions or not, beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder. As long as you personally feel satisfied and feel beautiful, that is ultimately what matters most.

Dr. Rushi S. Patel, DDS, Ph.D., with Citrus Oral and Facial Surgery, is a graduate of Lecanto High School. Visit on the Web at

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