Since receiving charter in 1976, the mission of the Inverness Lion’s Club of Citrus County has been to empower volunteers to serve their communities, and to meet humanitarian needs. To that end, the Lion’s Club has remained focused on providing a variety of vision services to families and children across the county.

The goal of the Inverness Lion’s Club is to meet the humanitarian needs for vision care and eye health for low income members of Citrus County. This is goal is furthered via accessibility to child and adult eye exams, glasses and surgical intervention to prevent blindness. In the past, we have helped preschool children, school age children, adults, seniors, homeless, veterans, clients ravaged by fires, auto accidents, lost or damaged glasses, special safety glasses to return to work, and replaced glasses broken or taken during abuse. We spread the word of the vision assistance we offer to our community and beyond in order to reach all who are in need.

As the result of a $10,000 grant from the Citrus County Community Charitable Foundation, the Inverness Lion’s Club is able to expand the level service we offer to the citizens of Citrus County. Based on income levels and the number of people within the household, including the homeless, CASA and shelter clients, the Inverness Lion’s Club provides the following services to residents of Citrus County:

-- Pay for eye exams for glasses, including specialty doctors such as surgeons or pediatricians.

-- Pay for glasses, including specialty glasses such as bifocals, trifocals, baby safe glasses, safety glasses for adults, child unbreakable and multiple prism glasses.

-- Pay for surgical intervention in order to prevent blindness, including cataract surgery and retinal detachments, retinal tears and diabetic neuropathies.

-- Pay for school nurses throughout the county to become certified in the use of special equipment to evaluate the need for school age children for glasses and recommend them for eye exams as needed.

The Inverness Lion’s Club has a Vision Hotline which anyone in need can call to receive attention for the vision needs at 352-560-8741.

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