Well, hello again. Changes are whirling around us. Each day of our journey we experience the challenges and ongoing results of those changes here in our beloved Citrus County in our little corner of the world.

Years ago, my good friend, the late Walt Connors, was the Clerk of the Citrus County Court. We are both Marshall University alumni. He said many times that Citrus County was the “Little Giant.” Are we still a little giant or have we become a big giant with all of the changes that are rapidly occurring around us? By the way, our Superintendent of Schools Sam Himmel is his astute daughter.

Preston Bradley, an insightful writer, has this to say about changes. Let’s ponder his thoughts. He wrote: “I don’t care what his condition, in whom I could not see possibilities (when changes occur). I don’t care how much he might consider himself a failure (with changes). I believe in him, for he can change the things that he considers wrong in his life anytime he is ready and prepared to do it. Whenever he develops the desire, he can take away from his life the (changes) that he considers are defeating him. The capacity for reformation and change is within.”

Within each of us, along the volunteer path, is the possibility to make a positive difference with each day’s gift of life we are given. Within us is all the confidence, intelligence and poise we will ever need. “Listen up!” as bandleader Byron Impt used to say to the Crystal River High School Band. “Listen up!”

Let’s be thinking positively about changes. We don’t own any negative thoughts and negative thoughts do not own us, especially about changing times all around our community along the volunteer path. We can embrace the changes that are coming our way with new opportunities to volunteer, to love, be forgiving and understanding about the needs of others.

Each day is a new slate for us to write our story upon. Each day some changes will work for us. Some will not. We have 24 hours daily to make changes to do all we need to do; new gentleness, thoughtfulness and love.

Following is a change process that I jotted down in a long ago leadership seminar. Hope it helps with your concerns about changes.

A Change Process for change:

1. Change happens – situations keep altering.

2. Anticipate change – get ready for it.

3. Adapt – change quickly because the quicker you let go, the quicker you enjoy life.

4. Change – move along with change.

5. Enjoy – enjoy change (savor the adventure and enjoy the newness).

Be ready to enjoy change again and again.


– Vitas Health Care is looking for volunteers for veterans care, quilting, sewing, administration and patient care. Call Karen at 352-527-2020.

– The Key Training Center needs volunteers to help with office projects and client services. Call 352-795-5541 ext. 238.

– Herry’s Thrift and Gift Shoppe needs volunteers at both of these locations: 8471 W. Periwinkle Lane in Homosassa Springs; and 1581 W. Gulf-to-Lake Highway in Lecanto. Call 352-249-1470.

– Take Stock in Children is looking for volunteers for their mentoring program assisting students in middle school through high school as they prepare for college. Call Pat Lancaster, coordinator, at 352-422-2348.

Special notes & needs

– The Food Giveaway has returned to the Citrus County Fairgrounds at 3600 S. Florida Ave., Inverness. Monetary donations are needed to continue this feeding project. Donations are accepted through United Way (www.citrusunitedway.org), Community Food Bank of Citrus County (www.communityfoodbankofcitruscounty.org), the New Church Without Walls (www.newchurchwithoutwalls.com), and the We Care Food Pantry (www.wecarefoodpantry.org).

– Citrus Hearing Impaired Services (CHIPS) is offering free hearing screenings by appointment at the old train depot in Crystal River at 109 NE Crystal St. Call Maureen at 352-795-5000.

– Citrus County Libraries are assisting people with the paperwork necessary to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

– Citrus Abuse Shelter Association (CASA) is looking for volunteers and is in need of baby Oragel, ibuprofen, vitamin D supplements, soft-nipple sippy cups, disinfectant spray and large clear storage bins with lids.

Ruth Levins participates in a variety of projects around the community. Let her know about your group’s upcoming activities by writing to P.O. Box 803, Crystal River, FL 34423.

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