Precious Paws Rescue cat Morgan

Morgan, a young cat at the Precious Paws Rescue Adoption Center, is recovering from kneecap surgery. To make a donation to cover the expenses of Morgan’s surgery, contact Precious Paws at 352-726-4700.

Morgan is a sweet shy young gentleman who loves to nap up on high places, look out the window and have a wrestle or chase with his fellow foster felines. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago Morgan started limping and was diagnosed with a displaced kneecap that required orthopedic surgery to insure the knee cap would stay in place.

Morgan has had his surgery and is recovering at the Precious Paws Rescue Adoption Center. Volunteers are providing the post-op care; pain medication, ice packs, soon range of motion exercises and finally volunteers will be getting him up to walk. He looks sad and depressed, but when picked up by a volunteer while the ice pack is applied he will settle in with a sigh and nap on her lap. It will be several weeks before he will be up and around without a volunteer working with him.

Morgan is just one of the several Precious Paws Rescue foster pets that have required some extensive and expensive veterinary medical care over these last few months. Besides the basic veterinary care all of the Precious paws Rescue fosters receive — routine tests, sterilization, vaccinations and microchipping — several have needed additional care such as dental cleaning, extractions, blood work and X-rays.

Precious Paws Rescue is an incorporated all-volunteer charity organization based in Citrus County with a stated mission to rescue, foster and rehome orphaned pets. All animals taken into foster care receive the recommended veterinary care for any diagnosed medical condition prior to their adoption. The costs involved with providing this care is not covered by our requested adoption donation but by the generosity of caring animal lovers. Morgan’s care is an unexpected expense. We are reaching out to the Citrus County animal lovers for some financial help. If you would like more information; please call 352-726-4700 and leave a message.

The Precious Paws Rescue Adoption Center located at 5164 S. Florida Ave. in Inverness. Cats and kittens are housed at the adoption center while dogs are fostered in volunteer foster homes. Precious Paws is open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please wear a mask. Volunteers are always needed at the adoption center to provide the needed daily care to the foster cats and kittens waiting for that loving family to adopt them. Donations are always needed and appreciated and can be mailed to Precious Paws Rescue P.O. Box 1014, Floral City, Florida, 34436.