Michael Clemmer, Grand Knight and Tony Moser

From left, are: Michael Clemmer, Grand Knight and Tony Moser

The St. Benedict Catholic Church Knights of Columbus Council 15225 awarded Tony Moser as Knight of the Month.

Tony was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois where he attended grade school until his family relocated to Texas where he attended High School. Then they moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and later to Denver, Colorado where he graduated. He then joined the Army where he spent three years serving as a structural steel engineer, was transferred to the Marshall Islands.

As a protective measure for the Islands being military, Tony was moved back to Fort Carson, Colorado where he finished his Army career as a “fireman” assigned to support heating systems. He then went to work for Mountain State Telephone as an installer and lineman.

After a few years, he accepted a transfer to Miami with the Bell South and continued as an installer of phone systems. He helped South Florida convert from rotary phones to touch-tone phones until he retired after 30 years.

During the latter years of his employment, Tony took up a hobby of flying. He eventually became a private pilot and later received certification as a Commercial pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. During his spare time as a hobby pilot, he contracted his services to fly special and emergency supplies to a variety of Bahaman Islands. He really enjoyed these trips and the people he met. Also, during this period he used to camp in the Homosassa area and eventually purchased some property for himself.

In 2005, Tony permanently moved to Crystal River, became a parishioner at St. Benedict Catholic Church and soon afterwards he began applying his handyman skills at a part time maintenance man for the Church properties. He has retained this position for 13 years and along the way, joined the Men’s Club and Knights of Columbus. He was originally a member of the All Saints Knights of Columbus Council until it was disbanded and split up between each of the Catholic churches in Citrus County.

Tony stayed with the St. Benedict Council. Tony and his wife Polly, of 33 years, are active members of the parish and support various ministries. He is involved in most events and activities around the church in various capacities. They have two boys who both live in Oregon and have given them 5 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Tony is most appreciative of the parishioners, staff and Fr. Ryszard Stradomski for their support during several difficult times over the past few years. He has said that the acquaintances made at St. Benedict have been very special to him and Polly and made his tenure there wonderful and rewarding.

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