Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop donates to Families in Need Children’s Christmas Party

Donna Stalter, Barbara Hayes and Naomi Belmore are shown presenting a check to Pamela King and Jason Holmes.

Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop volunteers Donna Stalter, Barbara Hayes and Naomi Belmore presented a $1,500 check to Pamela King and Jason Holmes in support of the Families in Need Children's Christmas Party, to be held at the Bingo Hall on Thursday, December 19th at 6 p.m. Last year, 424 children and their families attended. The children all went home with multiple gifts, after the families had enjoyed an evening of Christmas carols, crafts and dinner for all attendees. The party has been a tradition in Dunnellon for more than 25 years, and depends solely upon donations from individuals and businesses to ensure that all Dunnellon's children have a happy Christmas. If you would like to contribute, mail a check made out to "Fire Rescue Support" to Frank King's Legacy Bingo, 20520 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Dunnellon, Fl 34423, or drop it by the Bingo Hall along with an unwrapped gift. If you are free to volunteer your time, a big gift wrapping party is held on Wednesday, Dec. 18th at 6:00 PM, or show up at the party itself and help out while enjoying the excitement and good will that Santa always brings to these gatherings. For more information, call 352-465-5015 or 352-362-4533.

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