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As I mentioned in my last article, 2020 has not turned out so well at this point, and now everyone in some form or another is having to deal with way more than they ever expected.

These past few weeks have been crazy and upsetting. I worry about the workers who are out of a job due to the mandatory closings during this pandemic. I agree with the closings to keep everyone safe, but I still worry. We are coordinating with our neighbors to ensure our older neighbors are OK and volunteering to pick up groceries, so they don’t have to get out.

Panic can lead people astray and selfishness consumes them, so I am ashamed of and feel sorry those few who have felt it necessary to hoard toilet paper, hand sanitizer and the like, to cover them until the end of time. I hope that soon they will discover they have more than enough to share their “loot” with neighbors.

In the middle of all of this, some good has come of it. I try very hard to always see the “silver lining” and although you may not agree, many people in our gracious community are doing their part to help others. Restaurants are offering pick up meals and/or delivery to keep you safe. Many pharmacies and other customer service type businesses are doing what they can to make sure you have what you need. Please do your best to support them. Every time I venture out to pick up a few items, I thank those working for being there. Without these wonderful men and women, the stores, restaurants, etc., would not be able to remain open. This is hard for everyone, but I do believe once this is over, we will rise above and be stronger for it.

On a side note, we were able to empty my mother’s house and she is now at a skilled nursing facility in Mobile, Alabama. She is doing as well as expected, but with everything that is going on, visitors are not allowed, so she is lonely and that’s not good either. I call her every day, but this is not the same as seeing her.

I ask this of you. Keep yourself, your friends and family safe. When you venture out, ask your neighbors if they need anything. Call your friends and family. If we can stay connected with each other, the loneliness will fade.

Katie Lucas is the senior placement specialist at Royal Dalton House Assisted Living and Memory Care. Lucas has a bachelor’s of arts in marketing from the University of Alabama. She is married with three children, five grandchildren and has lived in Citrus County for 30 years. To contact her, email to info@royaldaltonhouse.com or call 352-476-2960.

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