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eliminate property taxes. it is immoral to not allow people to secure to themselves a home without worry of eviction.

Eye ON Citrus

I believe in AMERICA, I believe in AMERICAN VALUES, and Americans are the greatest people on earth! We’ve always risen to the occasion, whether it is militarily or aid for natural disasters! Knowing right from wrong seems to be in everyone’s makeup even when the propaganda machines try to make it not so, yet there are those who choose to ignore the natural laws. Most Americans respect and love this country, would die for it and have died for it, yet there are those who only give lip service to our flag, our nation, our people, while they plot to circumvent the laws, break the laws and con the people, it is these people that put a stain on all of us, it is these people who degrade all of us while degrading our form of government and it is these people who degrade the brave men and women who have fought and died to preserve our freedoms given us through the Constitution and all the laws derived from it. We as a nation have weathered many storms, we as Citrus County Citizens have done the same, but the cream of the crop has not always risen to the top, for difficult times it has taken straightforward talk, telling it like it is, to stir those who have lost faith in the system and in themselves, to stir them to the belief that they too can have a piece of the pie, they too can participate in a fair and balanced government, that they too do not have to be the wealthiest to clean a dirty house! Divide and conquer is the underlying theme of today’s world both on the national scene and local scene, it’s all a game to many, while laughing, mocking and betraying the trust of the people who have elected them. I’ve seen it first hand and it disgusts me as I’m sure it does you! This is not what our forefathers fought for nor it is what our brave men and women who have fought countless wars for, as the Nation is torn with the proceedings in Washington, Citrus is torn with those who thumb their noses at you the voters while making a mockery of our local government and those elected who followed the laws of the land.

Make no mistake my fellow Citizens; those who violate the laws of the land will have no place in my administration!

I’m David Gregory Republican Candidate for Citrus County Property Appraiser. Man of the People for the People, a Constitutional office should have someone who follows the Constitution and Florida Statutes, you can’t pick and choose the laws you follow! I’m the man in the power chair nothings stops me don’t let anything stop you!

I retired from the Property Appraisers office in 2017 after 14 years, as a Field Appraiser, having been crossed trained in all the positions of the office, I’m am the best choice for Citrus County Property Appraiser!


Call myself Trump.


We have long felt that that the county needs a relevant college or satellite of a university here. Having skilled/technical people would make the county attractive to more business, and more attractive to the type of commerce (stores) that people are asking for.

Ideally, the college/satellite would support an up to date business climate. What business is growing? Alternative energy. If Citrus County could establish a college that would emphasize and become known for degrees in fields that support solar energy and other alternative energy forms, and perhaps things like desalination, we could be ahead on multiple fronts.

This is an attractive setting as the Nature Coast! Draw professors to live here to do research and training in important fields!


There are so many reasons to tap the wells of the bottling companies. Water is our most valuable treasure.


I believe you mean Capped. They have already been Tapped by the water companies.


Get a whole new County Commission


a) Someone else has to want to run. b) It seems like the majority here will still support regressive candidates like we mainly have now. The populace keeps voting against their own self interest.


The first and most important job is insuring that the leader has the right people in the right positions that will support and implement his vision. Without that any initiative attempted will be inefficient. Case in point: the failed road construction (I.E.; Hall's River Bridge and RT 19 improvements).

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