What you should know about end-of-life care

One of the comments we frequently hear from our patients and their families at VITAS Healthcare is this simple statement: “I wish I had known about hospice sooner.” Every day is an opportunity to spread awareness about hospice as a healthcare specialty that provides compassionate support to patients and families who face an advanced illness near the end of life.

Once a physician determines that curative care is no longer working, or a patient decides that treatment side effects are too much of a burden, hospice can help shift the focus to comfort, closure, and quality of life in the time remaining. Patients, not

insurance plans, choose the hospice provider they want to care for them.

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Why opt for hospice sooner?

  • VITAS brings hospice care to you, whether you decide to remain at home, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living community, surrounded by familiarity and comfort.
  • Your hospice “specialist” is an entire team: physician, nurse, aide, social worker, chaplain, and volunteer. They create an individualized care plan to meet your medical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • Medicare Part A, Medicaid, TriCare, and many private insurance plans cover up to 100% of hospice care.
  • Hospice continues during the COVID-19 pandemic, aided by safety protocols and telehealth platforms that allow hospice teams to evaluate, assess, admit, and care for patients using their mobile devices. It’s never too late to start the conversation

It’s never too late to start the conversation If a patient is eligible for hospice care, service can usually begin within 24 hours. Hospice professionals are available 24/7 to answer questions and discuss end-of-life care options for when the time is right. Hospice is not a place. It is a range of services by a team to support patients and families at one of the most challenging—and most meaningful—phases of life. Just as patients with cancer want to be cared for by the best cancer experts, patients facing advanced illness want to be cared for by the best specialists in end-of-life care.

When it’s time for hospice care, know that you have choices. Choose the provider who will surround you with expertise and services to help you embrace the quality of life—for you and the people who mean the most to you.


Jennifer Bosak is the senior director of market development for VITAS in Citrus County. For more information about end-of-life care, call 866.759.6695 or visit VITAS.com.

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